PUBG Mobile Lightspeed Beta Update Coming To The Game

PUBG Mobile Lightspeed

A new update is set for PUBG Mobiles. In China, the PUBG Mobile Lightspeed Beta vO.11 was live, that revealed very soon it will get some new features elements, themes and characters also, like as new Tukshai vehicle, new MK47 weapon, death cam reply, snow area, new weather in Erangel and Miramar and more.

Tukshai vehicle PUBG Mobile Lightspeed

On Reddit, by the user, we know that the MK47 was added to the Chinese Pubg mobile Lightspeed Beta of the game, along with the Tukshai vehicle. The Erangel and Miramar will finally get weather effects,  where it gets, rain and snow it will not be a separate map altogether noted by the Redditor. The Erangel will get a separate area that is covered in snow, a snow map may be added by the developer in the game.PUBG Mobile Lightspeed

From a few weeks back after getting an update, these are already available on the PC and Xbox versions of the game, the Tukshai will be exclusive to the Sanhok map, but the MK47 will be available on all maps, by judging the previous release of the PUBG Mobile game.

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Currently, the game is on O.9.O global version. The final build version’s name is not known yet and when all these updates will make their way to the global version of the game is also a mystery to us.

The game’s location will be based on Europe and feature locations such as a castle, a cosmodrome and more, discovered by Data Miners. Though the final name is not declared but reports suggests that it will be called as ‘Dihor Otok‘ name.



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