Reasons To Buy Google Pixel Watch | Away From An Apple Watch

Reasons To Buy Google Pixel Watch Away From An Apple Watch:

The competitors of Google’s Pixel Watch named, the Apple Watch 4 will expect to launch in September and the Samsung Gear S4 will arrive in August, as per some report. Though the Samsung Gear S4 the Apple Watch 4 will come into the market, there are so many reasons to buy the Google Pixel Watch.

It is known that Google is preparing three new smartwatches under the Pixel moniker which are show off wearable operating system’s true potential and set to run through the latest Wear OS.

We preferred that the Google Pixel Watch will be perfect for you than any other watches. Reasons To Buy Google Pixel Watch

Reasons To Buy Google Pixel Watch

Are explained here:

1. IT WILL BE TOP END TECH: Very little things are known about Google Pixel Watch but, it is working on a new chipset to power top-end smartwatches, and that is confirmed by Qualcomm representative.

The watch display will have to be bright and easy to read and also, and will support LTE for listening to music and getting notifications on the go plus, great battery life and NFC for mobile payments.

Since early 2016’s Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 was announced, it will be the first new processor inside a wearable. There is no reason this won’t be powering the Google Pixel Watch because of they confirmed it’ll be in a device before the end of the year.

It will support GPS and workouts built-in as well as be tracking for swimming, a fitness powerhouse with a top of the range heart rate monitor, and sports and cycling variety.Reasons To Buy Google Pixel Watch

2. THE Pixel SHOWS WHAT Google CAN ACHIEVE: The Google used the Nexus brand, before 2016. Then the Motorola, Huawei and LG devices were designed like as that they could feature top version of Android and now, Google Pixel brand is known especially for photography, as one of the best on the market.Reasons To Buy Google Pixel Watch

3. WEAR OS IS NOW READY FOR iPhone: You can connect a Wear OS watch with your iPhone to get almost all of the same features as anyone running an Android device if you want that then, through an iPhone connected Wear OS watch, you can easily use Google Pay as an alternative to Apple Pay.

It will be a different question at the end of the year that other smartwatches what will bring for us but, from above discussion you may get a clear idea that at present, the Google Pixel Watch will be the best smart wearable device for you.



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