Reverse Email Lookup | How to Find Email Sender’s Identity

Email is an undivided thing in our daily life, we need to check our email inbox every day, sometimes many times a day. We receive Emails from various kinds of senders. Sometimes they are our relatives, business partners, old friends, or any previously known person. This could ok, they all are identified by us, but you can not ignore the fact that many times we receive Emails from unknown persons or senders that we can not identify,(Reverse Email Lookup) and there is the problem, it does not seem good to ask the senders who are you, etc. This problem can be solved very easily, via a feature called Reverse Email Lookup. The brief discussion is stated below as way wise, here are five-way available to help you know the Email sender’s identity, just follow below if you really want to know this.

Five Tips To Reverse Email Lookup


  • Way Number 1


The fastest and easiest way of finding an email sender’s identity is using the Google search. Undoubtedly, Google Search engine is an outstanding path for search anything, and most of the time this never rejects its users, that able to provide the proper result/ answer of any search/ question. This is why in Google you can search for the user behind an email address, and when you do that Google will extract and reveal the most relevant information which it finds on that account.

Generally, Gmail used by a large number of free email users and that can help Google a little bit more to provide the information in front of your eyes. This is able to track social media platforms (if any) and can find out their LinkedIn profiles. If for any reason Google doesn’t work for you then you can go with its alternative search engines.

  • Way Number 2


You would not require any kind of search to find out the email sender’s information if you use Email Clients. A dedicated email client extracts the sender’s information automatically and shows that just near the side of the mail.

For Windows, the ‘MailBird’ can be a good email client. It let you look up emails directly on LinkedIn for finding out information, though it is a fact that its features are not as great as ‘Polymail’, the ‘Polymail’ is usable only on Mac. Its features are very useful. But you can not use ‘Polymail’ on Windows, still, now the ‘Polymail’ is in development for Windows. If you are a Mac user then I assure you that it is excellent, you should use it as your email client.

The MailBird provides a free trial and after that, it cost $19.5/ Year. The Polymail also provides a free trial, and then it cost $13/ month/ user.

  • Way Number 3


You can use Browser Extensions to know about a hidden email sender’s identity. When you open the email in your browser, many browser extensions could help you find out the sender’s information. The well-known extension named, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, can provide information about the unspecified email sender.

There are some other extensions available that can do your work properly, if you think LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not supportive for you then you can choose another alternative from the following list.

  1. Vibe App
  2. Sidekick by HubSpot
  3. FullContact for Gmail
  5. Connect 6degree

These above extensions almost work with most email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail. The extension called, (free, $39/ month) provides information very easily of undiscovered email sender’s. The other extension, ‘Contact + for Gmail’ works without any problem and presents helpful information which users want from it to know, it is free, $8.33/ month.

  • Way Number 4


Reverse email search engine or reverse people search engine is a way of finding out the information about email sender through using their email address. It has one downside and that is they are paid. Many free people search engines were cut off over the past free years.

There are various types of email or people search engines which     works on different search guidelines, for example,

  1. BeenVerified (Background Checks, People Search & Public Records),

  2. Spokeo (Search and Reunite People),

  3. LinkedIn (Professional profiles and Work History),

  4. Pipl (People Search and Identity Verification),

  5. PeekYou (Find Family, Old Friends, Classmates, & More).

If any way of our list is not able to provide you benefits then you can go with this solution, maybe this way helps you.

  • Way Number 5


Searching peoples using their email ID on Facebook is useful for this purpose. You only copy and pest the email ID in Facebook’s search window and hit the search button, then if the email sender uses the same email ID for the Facebook account the name of the sender’s will appear in the search result, and there you can check the basic information and photo of the sender very easily.

If that person (the sender) use the privacy setting where one not allowed to search that person by the email ID, then you can not get any helpful search result.

Other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn also able to let you search for people by their email ID. There is a website available which searches for you on multiple social media platform at a time, the name of the website is Lullar, you can also choose it for this work.


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