What Is Routing


It is a process in the network system that moves a data packet source to destination. This process is managed by a specific network device called the Router.

Router and routing is the key feature of the Internet it can be over 3G or 4G wireless network, that passes messages one device to another to reach the destination device within multiple networks.

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Routing includes the network topology and the setup of hardware (Router) to effectively relay data. A standard protocol helps to set the best routes for data and transmission quality. With the use of different protocols, It can figure out what is the best way for route data packets and which router should be used.

Routed data packets are also carried network information. The packets headers carried details about origin and destination. As the time changing the technology evolves, the routing also evolves according to the technology needs and utility of a network.

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Routing on multiple networksWhat Is Router

The router is a hardware device that helps to forward data packets along with different networks. The router creates a connection between at least two networks, they can be LANs and WAN or LANs and LANs. The router located at the gateways where the multiple networks are connected.

The process is router use headers to chose the best path for forwarding the data packets on the networks, It uses protocols (ICMP) to communicate on multiple networks, and set the configuration to best route between multiple hosts.

Routing Vs Bridging

The similarity between Routing and Bridging can make confusion, Here is the difference between them. The bridging process is more on hardware function and works on a lower level. The routing is more based on software function and works on a higher level. So it can handle complex analysis to do the process in the optimal way that bridging unable to perform.

Firmware Of A Router

Firmware is embedded in the ROM of your router, you can say the firmware is the Operating System of the router. The firmware controls Network Protocols, administrative and Security controls.

At the beginning of router setup, you have to configure networks, wireless networks, network security, and more to go in the router firmware. The firmware can be reset or upgrade by the network administrator.

Route Control

If you are facing issue with high network traffic, then route control can help you to get out from the problem. It optimized Internet connectivity and decreases the cost of bandwidth. If you are in a large data center and it has multiple Internet providers (ISP), you can earn a benefit between both of them with the route control.



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