Stream & Screen Recording With YouTube Gaming App

YouTube Gaming App

It is not popular as Twitch Tv but today’s topic Stream and Screen Recorder can be covered with it. YouTube Gaming site is mainly focussed on the streaming of video game but it has also some unique features for everyone.

The good point is you don’t need external software or hardware to do this your existing desktop and phone can do all for you. And the unique thing of YouTube Gaming is you can record and screencasts other apps for free. In this article, I will show you how can you do those things in simple steps.

How To Record Screencasts With YouTube Gaming App

Download and install YT Gaming App on your Android device and tap on Go Live Button, Here you can select to live to stream your phone into the web and also you can record the whole screencast and then upload in YouTube after editing if you need to edit.

You can find the other unique feature stream other apps on the next screen, the YT Gaming app will display a list of your install apps that are fit into gaming category. If you want to stream other category apps you can, click the All Apps there you will see your all installed apps to screencasts.Screen Recording YouTube Gaming Android App

When you turn on the streaming service it will include everything that appears on your screen between the session. If you don’t mute your microphone then it will record the surrounding sound (input sound) with your phone’s spears sound (output sound). In advance, you have an option to turn off your front camera.

When you think all you have done with it, time to stop, just swipe down the notification drawer and stop the service by taping stop button. Now you will see a basic video editor comes out, here you can edit basic things (video effects, background music, audio volume, etc) and upload into YouTube.


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