Take Every Types Of Screenshot On Chromebook

Taking a screenshot on Chromebook is very easy if you know the process. Chromebook is an amazing device that has built-in basic tools. With the help of combined shortcut keys anyone can take a screenshot on Chromebook, they not require any kind of third-party app.

On Chromebook, if you want you can take various types of screenshots, like as, partial, window, and full-screen, and I again say that these all screenshots can be taken by shortcuts key. To take all types of angle based screenshots on Chromebook, you must follow the following list.

How You Take Screenshot On Chromebook With Shortcuts



If you want to take a screenshot on the Chromebook of the whole screen, you have to press Ctrl and the Overview button.

Ctrl + Overview button (which situated just above the ‘6 key’).


To take a screenshot of the current window press Ctrl, Alt, and the Overview button. Then select the window on your screen. Alternatively, to take a screenshot of the active window or choose the window by your mouse you can hit Enter.

Ctrl + Alt + Overview button(which situated just above the ‘6 key’)CHROMEBOOK FOLD KEYBOARD


If you think to select crop and then take a screenshot, you just press Ctrl, Shift, and Overview button, the screen will dull, and then you will able to select and take your proper screenshot.

Ctrl + Shift + Overview button(which situated just above the ‘6 key’)

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You can press the Power button and or the Volume button at once (similar to smartphones) to take a screenshot that time when you are in the tablet or tent mode. In this way, you can take a full-screen screenshot, and you must know that you don’t need to press and hold, only press and release the above-mentioned buttons at once.

Power + Either of the Volume buttons


The above ways are natural intuitive ways of taking a screenshot on Chromebook, but you required to know a powerful tool of taking a screenshot on Chromebook, and that is the Nimbus extension (free). Through this, you can take all kinds of screenshots, annotations, and screen recording.

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