How To Secure Your Laptop Or PC From Thieves

Do you search for essential guides to secure your laptop or desktop computer from identity thieves? If your answer is yes then we say that you just read the following paragraphs till the end, because these guides are here. We also included the sources from which identity thieves commit fraud very easily. So without westing times see below and know the guides quickly.

How To Secure Your Pc or Laptop More Secure

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From What Sources Identity Thieves Commit Fraud??

  • Scammers can use your debit card to shop online. Like credit cards, debit cards are not backed by credit card companies for fraudulent charges.
  • Fraudsters can take off you to apply and obtain insurance, purchase property, apply for rental property and more, where you pay but did not get accurate results.
  • If hackers bay any way get your personal information online they can open credit card accounts using your name, email, password, and banking login.
  • Through the harmful malware computer programs, hackers can record keyboard strokes and also the sites which you visited before on the internet, and also by the malware program they can open your online accounts by unlocking passwords.
  • When you connect to a public Wi-Fi then it would be very simple for hackers to hack important data from your phone. If your home’s Wi-Fi does not have strong security then also hackers can get access to your connected device’s files by using your home Wi-Fi connection.
  • To purchase products from online stores, fraudsters can clone and create duplicates of your credit card.
  • To encrypt your computer files, scammers can use a ransomware virus, thus they will decrypt the files only at the time when you pay them a ransom.

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Steps Are Below To Keep Your Laptop Secure & Safe??

Step 1 To Safe


A method of protecting data is encryption, and its main work is keeping personal information as personal. Very smartly it saves your data and gives you extra security. Many forms of encryption are applied at different stages, some of them are…Encryption_Decryption

  • FULL DISK ENCRYPTION: The full disk encryption offers very strong security if your laptop is stolen or gets lost then also it save all your important files very carefully.
  • SINGLE FILE ENCRYPTION: To encrypt a single or 1 group of files, the Single File Encryption method is used. By a key or password, it can be encrypted.
  • MULTI-FOLDER ENCRYPTION: The multi-folder encryption software uses shared keys for the users and this form of encryption permit multiple users to access encryption information.

Many programs available for you to encrypt your computer, most trusted programs are, Bit-Locker that is an encryption program which built into Windows (Pro and Enterprise editions), and Vera Crypt which is free encryption software for macOS, Linux, and Windows.



An important step in protecting a computer from theft-starts is authenticating the computer. The two-factor authentication works by using the user’s phone. In this process, a code is sent to the pre-registered mobile phone number on the basis of the request. So, to gain entrance in your computer, theft-stars firstly need to get your phone for the code which is not very easy.

More forms of authentication like identifying the fingerprints or face anyone can save their devices, and laptops with Real Sense compatible camera and fingerprint sensors can utilize it. The Windows 10 devices Windows Hello function is also a helpful way. The Slot-in smartcards is an amazing extra security feature that mostly used in business computers and it is usable on small gadgets such as tablets, cellphones, etc.



Though browsers offer the option to disable emails, usernames, and passwords, it is true that a huge number of users do not do this. Thus when their computer hacked, lost, or stolen, then hacking these computer’s information becomes very easy for hackers. Not only browsers but also emails are also hub-spots for your personal information, so this must need to be secured.strong-password

By using strong passwords (frequently 12 characters and above with numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols) you can give the hardest challenge to hackers of hacking your computer, even if it lost or stolen.



UpdatesUpdating malware applications or anti-virus is another & important way to protect your computer from different types of damage (such as virus, malware, phishing, and hacking). Confirm that your computer is protected by a good anti-virus or anti-malware program because a quality security software is a brilliant way of safety.

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If your Wi-Fi connection is not encrypted or you use public wireless network connection (in many places like airports, coffee shops, hotels, etc), your gadgets may be at risk.

hack your laptop with wifiFor home/family Wi-Fi, the simple solution encrypts and put a password, lots of hackers generally use family Wi-Fi to build a dedicated profile of you and your family through analyzing and watching the websites that you tour. Through a strong password (add some number upper case lower case & special character), you can easily put your family Wi-Fi connection under the shelter of security.



This wonderful system can protect the information very sincerely which you have settled in your computer’s brain, and the ability of an identity alert system is, during the cases of identity theft the identity protection plan uses an alert system that gives comfort to consumers.

LikeLockThe Lifelock is an identity alert system that can monitors lots of applications of one’s computer, and after that, it presents full reports, mortgages, credit cards, monitoring of wireless services, and much more. If it notices any kind of risk in your identity it sends an alert through phone, email or text, as soon as possible.

Get LifeLock

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