How To Select Best Air Conditioner For Your Home

When Air Conditioner was a new concept at that time we found it in only a few selected places. But nowadays we find it in almost every middle-class house due to higher desire and lower cost. Many places are too much hot that we can’t live without Air Conditioner. We have another option that is Air Cooler it’s cheaper than Air Conditioner and also consumes lesser power than AC, but it not fitted every in place because of its cooling using water spray (evaporative cooling) so we searching for the best air conditioner that fulfills our need.

With the help of emerging technologies, different types of AC’s has introduced which is not only increased in performance also in energy efficiency. Air Conditioner company has introduced star rated AC it means the more star an AC has more energy efficiency & more cooling capacity. Along with star rated AC company started introducing inverter-based AC which is helpful to reduce electricity cost by 20% – 30% compared to star rated AC. New Age AC also comes with lots of extra features like Humidity control, Climate control,  Air purification, etc. Now come to the main point which AC you will buy, there are many kinds of  AC available in the market. For this, you have to set your mind by calculating some of the below-given points.

Select Best Air Conditioner For Your Home

Every Year we warm-up our planet Earth a little bit. (using AC also warm-up the Earth)

Best Air Conditioner Buying Guides

Point Number One Room Size

First, you have to measure your room size because the capacity of the air conditioner is mainly depending on room size.

Here some rough measurement calculation for air conditioner

Room Size                                                         AC Capacity

Below 100 SQ.FT                                                .75 Ton

100 ~ 140 SQ.FT                                                  1 Ton

150 ~ 180 SQ.FT                                                  1.5 Ton

180 ~ 240 SQ.FT                                                  2 Ton

[NOTE– If direct sunlight affects your room you have to increase your AC capacity more then the basic calculation.]

Point Number Two Type Of AC

Window Ac or Split AC?

Window ac need more space for your room compare to split AC.

Window AC cheaper than split AC.

Window AC is easy to install compare to Split AC.

Split AC’s  Air distribution better than Window AC.

Window AC’s maintains is low compared to Split AC.

Split AC has inverter model Window AC’s top model is 5 Star.

Point Number Three Energy Efficiency

Best Air Conditioner Star rating

Electricity tariffs and usage rising day by day, and a big amount of electricity consumed Air Conditioner, so we have to keep eye on the energy star rating. The more star means less electricity consumed. Star rating comes with EER and BEE the more value of EER and bee make you more energy efficient.

I think it can help you to make a decision now, don’t forget to comments on your thought on it.

Bonus – Set 25 degree C for more energy servings and optimal cooling.

Suggestion – If your daily usage less then 5 hours go for any star rated AC if more then 5 hours go for inverter or 5 stars AC. Buy Full Copper AC Do not go to Aluminium it will make a huge difference.

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