List Of Trusted Sites To Send Anonymous Email

There are many free email services near us and we used to use them for receiving and sending emails, very happily and now my question to you that, did any questions occur on your mind for privacy and security for any email service? Anonymous email is a way that assures that your emails are not traceable online, and because of the advertisements the anonymous emails are free.

If you bother for security then this service is only for you, below are some good sites to send and receive anonymous emails, take a look at them.

A. Anonymous Or Encrypted Email Solution

1.  Anonymous Email – TorGuardTorGuard

It offers 10 MB storage and end-to-end security using SSL encryption for connection and G/PGP encryption for securing the messages, and this service presents an anonymous inbox with huge privacy and cryptographic features.

2. Secure MailSecure Mail

The Secure Mail gets a zero-tolerance policy against spam, and it encrypts your mail using the 4096-bit key which makes it unreadable to anyone without you. This service also not ask you for your IP address or personal information to sing up.

3. The Anonymous EmailThe Anonymous Email

This service is also not required any personal information, and help you create an account to send and receive emails by signing up with your real email.

4. GuerrillaMailGuerrillaMail

This service required an email address only and its an amazing feature is it delete mail after one hour. It provides a self-destructible, disposable, temporary email address to send and receive emails on the internet anonymously. It is totally free service.

B. Send Emails Without Restriction


It has a simple form to fill in the receiver’s address the email content and subject, and if needed you can attach a file to the email. For getting replay select to provide a reply-to email address.

2. CyberAtlantisCyberAtlantis

The CyberAtlantis strips of the IP address from your mail and this doesn’t ask you personal information as well. This has a simple interface with the receiver’s email address, message, and subject.

3. Send Anonymous EmailSend Anonymous Email

In this service, IP addresses are logged in and do not need any information to send emails. This offers a simple interface to its users to enter the receiver’s and sender’s address, message, and subject.

4. AnonEmailAnonEmail

By AnonEmail you can send emails without unvailing any information about your identity or personal details.

5. Send Email MessageSend Email Message

You can send more than 1000,000 anonymous emails through this service. Here users only need to enter the receiver’s email address, message, and subject.

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C. Receive Emails

1.  MailinatorMailinator

It is only to receive emails, and this allows you to create email inboxes quickly and automatically.

2. myTrashMailmyTrashMail

In the myTrashMail service accounts are temporary and will be deleted after some time automatically. Users can sing up for private and can make it password protected for safely receive an email.

3. SpambogSpambog

Here an email alias can be protected with a password, and this service provides a temporary, disposable (7-day purge), anonymous email inbox on the web. It allows you to receive, replay, and forward emails but you can not send the original one.

4. TempInboxTempInbox

Through the Templnbox you can give any email alias to anyone and check that inbox on the website for your incoming mail. It also has another disposable, auto-automated, temporary email inbox service.

5. MailnesiaMailnesia

This service support an automatic confirmation links click system that would helpful for you if you make lots of sign-ups on web services.

Others Email Services:

1. TutanotaTutanota

This service has limited email storage capacity, in spite of that it is a good one because it is an open-source provider that supports end-to-end encryption and most important password protection facility. It allows you to attach contacts, attachments, and subjects. It’s free accounts come with 1 GB of storage and no aliases, inbox labels, or customization.

PRICE: The premium account upgrade costs 1.20 Euro per month / 12 Euro per year.

2. Kolab NowKolab Now

It is an open-source service with servers hosted in Switzerland, and it does not have a free basic email option. This is perfect for smaller enterprises than large or individual companies.

PRICE: The hosting account price from $102.81, group accounts cost from $ 5.53, and individual accounts price from $4.68 per month.

, You Need To Use Tor Or Any Other proxy OR VPN service Before Using The Above Services To E-mail Anonymous On The Internet, Because Anonymity Is Not Possible On The Web Without Hiding Your IP Address.

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