How To Send Emails To Any Mobile Number

That usually occurred with peoples, they lost important emails of particular email account because of huge emails comes into their inbox regularly. You have afraid that your important mail may be lost in the traffic in your recipient’s inbox?  You can send emails to a recipient’s mobile phone number directly through a Chrome extension. It would be a safe way for you if you did not want the recipient to lose your important mail, or by anyhow if you did not want to lose the recipient’s important email by yourself. Or you can send both places for double safety…

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How To Sent Emails To Mobile Number

Sent email to text

I have talked a Chrome Extention can allow you to send emails to any mobile number, that is CloudHQ, that lets you send emails from Gmail, but you can send it to a mobile number, now know how it would possible?

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Process To Sent

The process is very simple. To add a mobile phone icon to your Gmail’s inbox, properly call Send Your Email to SMS 1st you install that chrome extension (CloudHQ) from chrome store. Then, click on the mobile phone icon when an email is opened, thereafter this will open up a dialog box which offers you to fill in the recipient’s phone number, and there you can include a short message, also. After doing this, you just click the Forward as Text message button.Process To Sent email to text

Next, the message will come on the recipient’s phone as an SMS, all the attachments, a link to the email comes with it.

Here I link a video to better visual understanding…

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