Know How To Send Your Email In A Scheduled Time

Want to send your email in a scheduled time but don’t know how it’s possible? There are more than one ways available for this purpose. If you work as per the rule of this feature in a proper way it will be so easy to you. Interestingly, the Microsoft Outlook supports a built-in email scheduler, but not has the feature of a native option, by which you can delay the delivery of email messages inside the Google Inbox or Gmail. So this way is not a perfect way.

There is another way is available to help you, and that is Email Studio’s Gmail Scheduler. Its features list is long also than the Microsoft Outlook’s built-in email scheduler. The Gmail add-on, Email Studio, which helps you by scheduling email messages inside Gmail and allows you to send recurring emails also. Furthermore, if you want the Email Studio can be work for you as a reminder, with the Gmail Scheduler through some easy steps you can get that opportunity.

The Email Studio works on all desktop browsers, this is available right inside the Gmail website. If you are an Android user and want this feature without installing any app, then you can also schedule email messages inside the Gmail schedule

Scheduled Send Email

In Gmail, Schedule Emails And Send Later

Now it is known to you that schedule emails in Gmail and send later is possible via some easy steps. The basic summary of the steps is, compose all the emails which you want to schedule but do not send them, keep them inside as drafts folder, and then declare the exact delivery date and time for these messages. Finally, the Email Studio will send all your scheduled messages to the recipients as per the mentioned time.

Know The Brief Descriptions Of The Steps Of Setting Up The Gmail Scheduler Below

  1. After opening the Gmail website compose an email. Add the message body and specify the recipients in the To, Cc/ Bcc fields. Next, write an email and keep these messages stay as a draft, do not click on the send button.
  2. Thereafter, go to the Gmail add-on store and to add Email Studio to your own Gmail account,  click on the “Install” button.
  3. When the Email Studio add-on will be installed, go to your Gmail mailbox and in inbox open any message. Must know that not the drafts folder as Gmail add-ons are not currently visible inside the draft, you required to open a message inside the inbox folder.
  4. Now, you will able to see the Email Studio icon in the right sidebar, click the icon to open the addon, and give the necessary authorization. It is very important, all the emails will go out from your own Gmail Account.
  5. A list of services will available inside the Email Studio sidebar, just click the Email Scheduler service and then choose Add New Schedule for scheduling the draft message which you have already composed.

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Schedule Email Messages In Gmail

You can schedule email messages in Gmail. A list of all your Gmail draft messages can be seen in the email scheduler window, in the drop-down, there you have to select any messages and next declare the preferred date and time when that message you want to deliver automatically.

In the time zone of your browser, the emails are scheduled, but per email message, you can change the time zone, if you want. In fact, if your computer is switched off, the message will be delivered automatically at the time you have chosen. The email scheduler sets up with Google Scripts and the emails will be sent between more or less 15 minutes of the declared time.

For any reason, if you want to unscheduled a scheduled email, or want to edit the schedule of a previously scheduled message then, you go to your Gmail and open the Email Studio add-on. There, choose the Email Scheduler service, and next, you will get options to remove or edit the previously scheduled email’s schedules.

[MUST NOTE: Do you get trouble using the Gmail Scheduler add-on? If yes, then you must make sure that Gmail & Drive SDK is enabled for your Google Domain. ]

Cost To Send Email Scheduled

Per year the Email Studio cost $29. Premium edition of Email Studio allows users to get technical supports, send repetitive emails that are sent on a recurring schedule like, yearly monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly, and also support you to schedule more emails.

On the type of your Google account, your daily email sending limits established.

The GSuite, for work customers, provides the ability to email 1500 recipients per day. Gmail users can send up to 400 emails to recipients per day.

Email scheduler for Gmail — Premium Features

This is free but if you want you can go premium and get many new features.

  1. The premium and free both supports Gmail and GSuite accounts.
  2. In the premium segment, there is no limit on the number of Email messages, you can schedule, but in free that limit is only 2.
  3. The premium and free both schedule recurring emails.
  4. The free version does not remove Email Studio branding, but the premium version can do that.
  5. Both versions have the capabilities of sending emails from another email alias.
  6. In the premium version, technical support is Email, but in the free version, you can not get any.


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