Server Core

Windows Server Core

This feature is available on Windows Server System. It is a minimal installation option of Windows Server. If you run server core it limited the features and roles of the server system.

With this, you will get those essential network services, such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Active Directory Domain Server (ADDS), File Service and Print Service. But it stripped away all other graphical user interfaces (GUI) features. ServerCore found in Standard or Datacenter edition of Windows Server.Windows Server Core

Windows Server Desktop Vs Windows Server Core

The time of windows server installation, you can choose between Server Roles. It’s helps to reduce the overall footprint of the server. But It is true that Windows Server Desktop still install many services that are often not needed for a particular usage.

That’s why server core comes in, it will not install any services or features that are not used for commonly used server role. For example, you can use Hyper-V without GUI (Graphical User Interface), Because you can manage Hyper-V from Windows PowerShell or remotely using the Hyper-V Manager.Windows Server Core

If you are the first time user of ServerCore, then you might be a little surprised, because you are not getting any of these services (mention below).

  • Microsoft-Windows-Server-Shell-Package
  • Microsoft-Windows-Server-Gui-Mgmt-Package
  • Microsoft-Windows-Server-Gui-RSAT-Package
  • Microsoft-Windows-Cortana-PAL-Desktop-Package

You can say by design there is No Desktop in Server Core system. Mainly it is designed for managing remotely through Command Line. To use traditional busyness role-based Applications, you have to use a command line such as PowerShell or Graphical User Interface Tool (RSAT, Windows Admin Center).

Here is some point about server core…

Server Core doesn’t have any accessibility tools.

Server Core has no OOBE for setting up.

Server Core Doesn’t support Audio.

Here I create a table that is showing which apps are available In Server Core and Server Desktop.

[Note: "not available" can be run remotely]


Server Core

Server with Desktop Experience

Command promptavailableavailable
Windows PowerShell/ Microsoft .NETavailableavailable
Perfmon.exenot availableavailable
Windbg (GUI)supportedsupported
Resmon.exenot availableavailable
Disksnapshot.exenot availableavailable
Diskmgmt.mscnot availableavailable
Devmgmt.mscnot availableavailable
Server Managernot availableavailable
Mmc.exenot availableavailable
Eventvwrnot availableavailable
Wevtutil (Event queries)availableavailable
Services.mscnot availableavailable
Control Panelnot availableavailable
Windows Update (GUI)not availableavailable
Windows Explorernot availableavailable
Taskbarnot availableavailable
Taskbar notificationsnot availableavailable
Internet Explorer or Edgenot availableavailable
Built-in help systemnot availableavailable
Windows 10 Shellnot availableavailable
Windows Media Playernot availableavailable
PowerShell ISEnot availableavailable
PowerShell IMEavailableavailable
Mstsc.exenot availableavailable
Remote Desktop Servicesavailableavailable
Hyper-V Managernot availableavailable


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