Six Cool Solar Gadgets | Bring Renewable Energy In Your Life

Keeping your different daily necessities in mind, here I have stated different types of cool solar gadgets for you. These amazing six solar gadgets are renewable, which will make your life eco-friendly, power-saving, and easy enough. So without wasting time, know which gadget is for charging purpose, which is helpful for camping, solar keyboard, solar LED flashlight, and more, these all are here, just know them.

List Of Cool Solar Gadgets

A. Notos 2.200 mAh Solar Charger

The Notos 2.200 mAh Solar Charger is a wonderful portable 2200mAh battery capacity compact solar power bank that provides 5V/1A input and 5V/1A output. It designed as an aluminum ring, and you can attach it to your windows under the direct sunlight for easy charging.Notos 2.200 mAh Solar Charger

It allows you to charge its battery using USB connected to an adapter or computer. This solar charger is quite supportive, it can charge smartphones (mostly) two-third of their battery capacity. Buy Link

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B. Secure Solar/Dynamo LED Flashlight

This product is completely ideal for boating, backpacking, outdoor camping, and hunting, but don’t think that you can not use it on other porpuses. This Secure Solar/Dynamo LED Flashlight gets 80 mAh battery pack inside, a solar panel, and inbuilt dynamo generator, and three LEDs of eight lumens light output.Secure Solar/Dynamo LED Flashlight

You can fully charge this under direct sunlight for 4 hours or cranking the dynamo handle by 6 hours and get the freedom to light up it up to 8 hours with one LED and 4 hours with 3 LEDs. This solar flashlight is waterproof up to 45 feet. Buy Link

C. Etekcity LED Solar Camping Lantern

The lightweight durable Etekcity LED Solar Camping Lantern is a portable lantern. It charges itself under the sunlight or you can also charge it via a 5V DC power supply.Etekcity LED Solar Camping Lantern

Though its light is not too bright its light reaches nearby round direction and runs all night without flickering. However, It does not provide a charge level indicator. This lantern gets a 450 mAh battery pack inside, and you can convert it into a flashlight through unscrewing the bottom cap. Buy Link

D. WakaWaka Power+

This gadget offers two features, it is a charger as well as a flashlight. If an emergency occurs, you can use both charger and flashlight at the same time. It gets a 3000 mAh battery, under the direct sunlight it takes 12 hours to fell charge the battery and takes 3 hours using a wall outlet.WakaWaka Power+

It features multiple light settings, allows you to get light in a range of 5 to 70 lumens. This gadget is able to charge a cell phone, camera, and other gears multiple times through its USB port, and also supports 200 hours of light. Buy Link

E. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Though the ‘Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750’  is a solar keyboard, it can charge itself from any source of light like indoor lights source along with outdoor lights which are exiting and its super exciting part is it able to hold the charge for at least three months (even in complete darkness).Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

It offers you hassle-free typing because it supports a powerful 2.4 GHz wireless receiver which removes dropouts, delays, and interference. This wireless solar keyboard has a sleek body with solar panels which make it an outstanding portable keyboard, so you could use it at any place you want. Buy Link

F. Creative Edge Solar-5 Solar Panel

The ‘Creative Edge Solar-5 Solar Panel’ is a small portable gadget that can charge two devices at a time, and offers 4 indicator lights to show the charge level. Its interesting part is, it is a shock, dust, and water-resistant gadget. This gadget is perfect for off home situations like vacations, sporting events, etc.Creative Edge Solar-5 Solar Panel

The ‘Creative Edge Solar-5 Solar Panel’ has an emergency flashlight, and get two USB ports of 1A and 2A outputs that allow you to charge devices with different requirements. This gadget has 5,000 mAh battery.  Buy Now

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