Smartphone Evolution in INDIA

Smartphone Evolution in INDIA

In this segment, we are talking about the midrange smartphone devices in INDIA under 16K.

In this modern era, 9 out of 10 people are using a smartphone in India. To be smart, up to date and with the help of Jio India is now growing smartphone evolution up with lightning speed. Most of us using a smartphone with VoLTE enabled.

2015 Smartphone Evolution ERA

Smartphone evolution started in India from the end of 2015. There are lots of companies out there with there smartphone but right now the most successful brand in India is Xiaomi followed by Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo. In 2015 price of a smart was charged high if ur going to buy with a larger display. There are lots of Indian brands which worked well till 2015 like Lava, Intex, Micromax, Xolo etc. Nowadays these Indian brands are not doing well. The main reason for the failure of those brands is they were not going with the trends. Now lets come to the point.

Smartphone Evolution


In the year 2015, the trend was to provide a larger battery, a company like Gionee marathon series, Lava Fuel series etc. That was the reason why Lava, Intex was doing good but suddenly trends changed as the global market of the smartphone also changed.

2016 Smartphone Evolution ERA

In the year 2016, the main trend was to give a larger display such as 5.5 inches, fingerprint scanner and at least 3gb of RAM. The top-selling device of 2016 was Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3, moto g3. Redmi note 3 was a great device in that price bracket except the camera performance as most customers were fond of a larger display and an FP scanner. Price of that phone was under 13k (top variant) build quality was great with a unibody metal design. There were few devices which also provides a larger display with FP scanner such as Coolpad Note 3/Note3 lite/Note 3 plus under 9k. It was also hit in the market of 2016.

Smartphone Evolution in INDIA

so basically, people were searching for a brand which provides a solid build, larger display, Fp scanner. At the end of 2016 Oppo and Vivo, these Chinese brands became popular by providing a phone with larger display, Fp scanner and a new thing they called Selfie camera. Phones like Vivo V3/V3+/V5/V5+ Oppo F3/F3+/F1/F1s became very popular in Indian offline market. The trend was already changing so does other brands were started to follow. First Dual camera smartphone was introduced in 2016 in the global market so it was obvious that trend will be the camera in 2017 along with previous features.

2017 Smartphone Evolution ERA

The most memorable year was 2017 case smartphone evolution was totally changed.

In the year 2017 Indian smartphone market has totally changed. It divided into online market and offline market. Companies like Xiaomi, Motorola were targeting online cause people were buying most of their needs in online. Let’s come to the point evolution of the smartphone. First Dual camera smartphone was introduced by Huawei’s own brand Honor named Honor 6x launched Jan 24th, 2017, Company provides 2 cameras with the back 12MP+ 2MP, then comes Vivo V5+ with a Dual front camera. Usually, work on Dual cameras were to take portrait shot with a background blur. Following that trend,

Smartphone Evolution in INDIA

Coolpad introduced Cool 1 Dual, Motorola G5s+, Lenovo K8 note, Xiaomi A1, Honor 9i, Honor 7x etc. Indian brands like Micromax also launched Dual 5. But surprisingly due to a lower price with excellent chipset again Redmi note 4 from Xiaomi was the biggest hit in 2017. There were new trends along with dual cameras were power efficient chipset and monthly updates from brands. In that segment, Xiaomi shines with 14nm SD625 chipset followed by Huawei’s own Kirin 655 16nm chipset. Due to this battery backup was excellent. With the dual camera segments, Xiaomi again shines with miA1 cause it was a collab with Google and those dual camera works excellent, in the mid-range only MI A1 provided teleport lens that can capture excellent portraits. But in some cases companies like honor, Motorola, Asus etc done an excellent job by providing manual mode (proper).

Let’s come to the huge change that came in 2017 that changes the evolution of smartphone in midrange its was a FULL VIEW Display some calls INFINITY Display. LG Q6 was first introduced in this segment then Micromax follows with their canvas

infinity it was a success for Micromax. After that Indian market has totally changed while Honor introduced 9i (mate 10 lite), 7X, Infocus Vision 3 (cheapest). Now, let’s wait for 2018. It is obvious that in this year trend will be 18:9 devices.

see what is waiting for us in 2K18.Let’ss touch the future.



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