Don’t Do These Three Social Media Mistakes

Three Social Media Mistakes

Social media nowadays has become one of the most powerful platforms to venture anyone’s business or promote any skill, talent or specialties or in simple we can say it is like a parallel world full of opportunities and scopes. More or less every company uses social media but there are few instances where these platforms have been misused. This blog is to aware you to avoid these three social media mistakes in any social media platform that can not only tarnish your image but also land you in court.

Here Is The List Of Three Social Media Mistakes

1) Invasion of Privacy:Invasion of Privacy Social Media Mistakes

This is the most important aspect as everybody has his/her right to protect his/her privacy by law. So try to avoid the following.

  • Publicizing private facts:  If you expose any fact which a person doesn’t want to be public you might get sued for invasion of privacy. A great example of it is Julian Assange of Wikileaks where he has been sued by various companies for exposing their private facts.
  • False light publicity:  It is illegal to expose personal and deceptive information about someone particularly if it is embarrassing.
  • Misappropriation:  It is nothing but to use any person’s image or video to promote your own business without their consent. For example, Anushka Sharma sued a pan masala making company for using her image in one of their billboards.

2) Copyright Infringement:Copyright Infringement Social Media Mistakes

It is simply using someone’s work (copyrighted) without his/her permission. Actually, a work of art, writing, photography, music, film etc becomes automatically copyrighted. I mean to say that a creator of those things doesn’t need to do anything to obtain copyright protection, they don’t have to label or badge it, it is automatically copyrighted.

So when you are using any of the copyrighted material without permission then you have to pay a fine or they may sue you in court.

The best way to use other’s work if they have allowed it to use by other people. For example, on youtube, you can use creative commons videos without permission as these are available for reuse by people.


3) Slander and Libel:Slander and Libel Social Media Mistakes

These are two types of defamation. What is defamation??????

A comment or word can be defamation if they are made to destruct other people’s reputation. It is a common feature of cyberbullying.

Slander is to defame any person by verbally abusing the same and Libel is to do the same by writing a derogatory comment to him/her.

So here is something you should keep in mind while using social media……..

  • Be careful in choosing hashtags.
  • Be clear with your context.
  • Never make derogatory comments.
  • Cross verify your facts before sharing.

So be simple and kind and choose your thoughts and comments before getting into any rant or ruckus or abuse.

Be Happy.



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