How To Checking Your Spelling In Google Chrome

When you write, your first priority we guess maybe checking correct spelling and perfect grammar, and it is very much important also. We all want the mistake-free spelling and fault free grammar at the time of reading or writing anything. Some ways come in our hand to help us in this vital matter in Google Chrome, and here we have said about these ways, we think these will help you.

Set Up Spelling Checking In Google Chrome

A. Enable Spell Check In Google Chrome By Following Steps

  • In the top right of the browser toolbar, click the menu button and select Settings.
  • To expand additional settings, scroll to the bottom click on Advanced.
  • To expand the respective menu scroll down to Languages and click Spell check.
  • You can click the slider next to the respective language to turn on or off Chrome’s spell-check. The Blue slider shows that the spell checker is enabled or not.

Spell Check In Google Chrome

Must Note Things Are

1. At the bottom of the list, if you select the respective option this can add and edit Custom spelling checking. Some technical terms or names that Chrome spelling checking does not identify, you can add them in Google’s default dictionary.

2. If you go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Sync and Google services, and next at the bottom of the list, enable Enhanced spell check, you would get the enhanced spell checker that can acknowledge you other errors such as missing space or hyphen.

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B. How To Add Additional Languages To Google Chrome’s Spell Checker

Basically, Chrome only provides the system’s default language for spell checking, it does not show other languages for spell checking, but you can add another language to spell check, know how it possible.

Add Another Language

1. Expand the Language menu and click Add languages.

2. check the language you wish to add click Add.

After adding the language to Google Chrome go to the spell check menu again, and enable the spell checker.

C. How To Use Google Chrome Spell Checker

Generally, in almost every text field like Gmail, and many third-party websites Chrome spelling checking of words. When Chrome sees that you misspelled a word, it shows you a red squiggly line under the word, and if you enabled the enhanced spell check you may see a gray squiggly line that defined a different kind of error like space missing, etc.

Add Words To Your Custom Dictionary

D. Find The Right Spelling With Google Chrome

A word when marked as misspelled right-click on it to review Google’s suggestion that displayed at the top of the context menu.

[Note, Must enable, Ask Google for suggestions which will provide you access to advanced results, and Google will use it as prediction engine for the difficult word’s better suggestion.]

E. Add Words To Your Custom Dictionary

You can add words to your custom dictionary by only right-clicking the word and select Add to the dictionary (the custom dictionary is the same, which language you select).

F. Manage Chrome Spell Checker On-The-Fly

If you want you can turn Chrom’s spell check feature on or off any time and can also change the language which you use.

  • Just Right-click into a text field and from the menu choose Spellcheck.
  •  Next, select the Check the spelling of text fields.
  •  Choose the appropriate language or All your languages.

[Note,  Chrome spell check everything you type if spell checker enabled, and for a long paragraph or text (like as WordPress) you can click each paragraph to initiate Chrome’s spell check for each paragraph.]

GRAMMARLY spelling checking tool FOR CHROME

G. Chrome Spell Check Isn’t Working

If Chrome’s spell check is not working you can do the below-mentioned steps,

A. Click on the three-dotted menu, thereafter click on Settings search for spell check, next, disable and re-enable spell checking related all settings.

B. In the Chrome extensions menu, disable third-party spell checkers.

C. Update Chrome (if it is not updated) and restart.

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Alternative Tools For Google Chrome


Grammarly works in all text fields like as Chrome’s default spell checker, more than ten million users use it and make it the gold standard spell and grammar checker. The problem is only it supports the English language, not other languages.

The AI-powered writing assistant, Grammarly, provides grammar and contextual spell checking.  Its free version solves spelling and critical grammar, and it’s premium plan lets you access to the advanced features, for example, genre-specific writing style checks, a plagiarism detector, and suggestions to enhance the vocabulary.


Grammar and Spelling Checking - LanguageTool


There is no doubt that Grammer and spell checker by Language tool for Chrome is one of the best spell checkers, it does its work efficiently with many languages.

You do not require an account to use Grammer and spell checker by Language tool, and your IP address will not be logged and data transfer required to provide the service that will happen on an encrypted connection.  More than 250 thousand users and 4.5/5 rating it gets. Its free plan offers 20,000 characters per check-in over 25 languages, and when you singing up for a Premium or Enterprise plan it will add API access and additional features also.


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