Know The Tata AirPod An Air Engine Car

An archetype car, heard that can run without any petrol, diesel, battery, or solar system. Only the compressed air, provide energy to the car to run fluently. This uncommon unique car, named, the Tata AirPod developed by India’s well-known car making company, ‘Tata‘. This is not yet released in the market, the company wishes to bring this compressed air car in the market in 2020. From the past few years, the ‘Tata‘ works on making this car different type of car, they use Luxembourg’s MDI. Luxembourg’s MDI is a French fir, famous for its zero pollution engines (since 1990).

Luxembourg’s MDI signed a licensing agreement of ‘Tata‘ in early 2007, they start working and a concept car was launched in 2011. On that year in the month of  May, the engines were tested successfully in two Tata cars, and after that success, Tata has gone to the next process. Tata Motors tested two cars with AirPod technology in 2013, which also got success.

These are the little history behind the development of this archetype car, ‘Tata AirPot’, so now its time to know its expected features, they are labeled below.

Know About Tata Airpod

tata airpod air filling


  1. The Tata AirPod heard to run at between 45Kmph to 70Kmph (closely 28miles to 42miles /hour).
  2. It might be a three-seater car.
  3. This will run by the compressed air, it would not require any fuel (petrol, diesel), battery, or solar system to run on the ways.
  4. According to some information it is known that this car’s engine is powered by a tank of compressed air that can be taken while driving through the help of an electronic engine or pump via a charging station.
  5. The car may have the ability to recapture some of the energy during braking.
  6. The most important thing about the car is it will be an environment-friendly car.
  7. It will cost only $1 (nearly 75.68 Indian rupees) to fill the tank.
  8. It is also known from some sources that, the Tata AirPod’s tank will take mostly a similar time to fill compressed air in the tank which one spends to fill petrol or diesel in other cars tank, that time maybe 1-5 minutes.
  9. This car’s weight will be very light.
  10.  The Tata AirPod’s driving cost will be pocket friendly.tata airpod air tank

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The Tata AirPod’s expected price is $10,000.Tata airpod driver sit


If this environmentally-safe car will launch in the market in the future, it will be great in my opinion and there is no doubt. On one side it will safe our environment from further pollution and similarly, on the other hand, its driving cost or you can say filling the tank cost is small enough, and when one fills the tank the car would run for long-distance. These kinds of an eco-friendly and driving-cost-friendly car who did not want? This car’s running capacity is not so poor as I heard, but good enough, run at between 45Km to 80Km / hour, with 1 full tank you can go about 200km that amazing.tata airpod seating capacity

Our world including human and other different life which leaves on the earth, really want some fresh pollution-free air, but the truth is day by day our earth is polluting. If one source stop polluting the air it will be great. We still don’t know that this car will launch or not but if launch it will be helpful in various segments.

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