The New Cheap iPad Specification Price 2018

The New Cheap iPad Specification Price 2018

In Chicago, the Apple announced for their new product about three weeks ago at a fanfare-heavy event. The new product will be an iPad. The company said also that the iPads were especially great for schools because it supports the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil: It's a stylus pen that works with Apple device as an input device. The pencil is pressure sensitive & work with angle detection, It has a rechargeable battery that can be recharge plugged into a lightning connector. The pencil based on ARM-based Cortex-M3.

The New iPad’s Description: It is an Apple tablet computer, it works fine, costs not much money and is priced at $330. But the iPad has not much RAM and it has a crap camera.

In past, the cheapest iPad did not support the Pencil that was an iPad Pro thing so it will be very helpful for its users. It is also heard that the new iPad’s Pencil is awesome for drawing. If you want to get the Pencil then you will pay an extra $100, to get it.

The design of the iPad is not actually any different from the previous model($300  model). This new iPad is fast and powerful as an iPhone 7 and also lightweight, a joy to hold.

New Cheap iPad Specification Price 2018

iPad 2018

Specification: The new iPad features an A10 Fusion chip which is slightly less fancy than the iPad Pro’s A10X Fusion chip. The new iPad support only 2GB of RAM and first-gen Touch ID which is slow and cumbersome compared to the second-gen and Face ID.  The new iPad is a 9.7-inch iPad, which is slightly smaller than the 10.5-inch iPad Pro(Which priced $650).

In the new iPad, you can pull up your messages while watching a movie on it. In an iPad Pro, you can use 3 apps on the same screen. But in this new cheaper iPad you can only use 2 apps on the same screen.



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