Know Why Slow Down Your Home WiFi Router

If you have got tired of the slow  WiFi network in your home and thinking to change the home router, change it after reading the article very carefully till the end. For many reasons your home WiFi router can slow down, but here we have shared seven important reasons and their solutions, know them from below. We expect that you will get help from this.

Know Why Your Home WiFi Router Getting Slow

A. Many Devices Can Slow Home WiFi Router


Many Devices Can Slow Home WiFi RouterOur homes currently crowded with lots of internet things devices that includes Google Home Minis, Smart Bulbs, smart plugs, IP camera, and many more. Each smart internet devices take their seats on a Wi-Fi network with its own IP address and older routers generally not designed to handle many registered Wi-Fi devices at a time so, then the problem occurred, here I write a solution to the problem is here.

Solution Of The Problem

Its only one solution is getting a newer upgraded router and leave your old router with wet eyes. The Ubiquiti UniFi is the best option for high capacity for scalable Wi-Fi, but it is quite expensive. The Ubiquiti AmpliFi is a reasonable option for little homes, and who wants to blanket their home in smart sensors, can use Z-Wave, which operates at a different frequency to Wi-Fi.

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B. Wireless Network Range And Single Penetration

A most important thing is your Wi-Fi router’s place, that means where you had put your Wi-Fi router in your house. It sounds very small but it is really very important, it can affect the speed of your home Wi-Fi.

Wireless Network Range And Single PenetrationActually, Wi-Fi routers transmit both a 2.4Ghz signal (often referred to as b/g/n) and 5Ghz (ac), but the faster network is 5Ghz, thus only impair the 2.4GHz network. That is very simple, the 2.4 GHz signal can go via walls and or other solid objects very easily, but the 5Ghz network can not go between a thick concrete floor, very fairly. We want to say that, intelligently, keep the router in a place where any solid object can not disturb the home Wi-Fi network. The solution of the ‘Wireless Network Range And Single Penetration’ is down here.

Solution Of The Problem

Locate your Wi-Fi router on a perfect place from where your house’s every member can easily use it.

C. Old Network Cables Can Slow Router

Those users who have Ethernet cabling throughout the house or who’s computer is plugged directly into the router, the checking of cable is much easy for them.

Check the performing capacity of the cable, and for this, you have to see a Cat number. The Cat number reveals the performing capacity of a cable, the cat number and its capacity mentioned below.Old Network Cables Can Slow Router

  • Cat-5: The slowest and oldest network cable and performance are limited to 100 Mbps.
  • Cat-5e: The most commonly used network cable that provides Gigabit Ethernet (1,000 Mbps).
  • Cat-6/6a: Support up to 10 Gigabit (10,000 Mbs). It is the fastest network cable.

You can use a cable tester to confirm that each of the eight wires inside the cables is then connected to other termination.

The Cat-5 cable if used on your computers or as the backbone of your network then your Ethernet cable can slow down the Wi-Fi network. The solution of ‘OLD NETWORK CABLES’ is here,

Solution Of The Problem

Change Cat-5 rated cable and use the Cat-5e or Cat-6 rated cables.

D. Excessive End Users Can Slow WiFi Router

Usually, you share your internet connection with the whole house-hold members and that includes phones, computers, tablets, Smart TVs, smart home hubs, media streaming sticks, game consoles, etc, and maybe these all devices receive or send information at a particular point in the same time. The excessive users and so many devices can slow down your home Wi-Fi network. The solution of ‘EXCESSIVE USERS’ is here.Excessive End Users Can Slow WiFi Router

Solution Of The Problem

You go into the setting named ‘Quality of Service’ of your router, and thus your particular type of activity or application will perform its best, always.

E. Congested Wi-Fi Channel

There are huge numbers of Wi-Fi networks in metropolitan areas, and these all take little of the available frequency bandwidth, and that might be a big reason for the slow Wi-Fi network. The solution of ‘CONGESTED WI-FI CHANNEL’  is here.Congested Wi-Fi Channel

Solution Of The Problem

Its solution is to change the channel number, although modern routers are smart enough to pick the best channel anyway, and if your devices plugged in using Ethernet instead of using Wi-Fi then it will provide you better-using experience in the little bandwidth.

TP-Link Archer C20 AC Wireless Dual Band Router

F. Defective Devices Can Slow Down Router

Many times defective devices or wireless clients present the problem. Did you get the error on your router? ‘ There may be devices in your wired network which might limit your in-home connectivity’. If yes, you may have a device plugged in which broadcast too many times or caus a race condition to occur in the router, and this is able to slow down your entire Wi-Fi network. The solution of ‘WIRELESS CLIENTS OR DEFECTIVE DEVICES’  is here.Defective Devices Can Slow Down Router

Solution Of The Problem

Until you find out the main problem, you may unplug devices and turn off wireless clients, and next contact the manufacturer for assistance.

G. Using Powerline OR WiFi Extenders

According to some people using the Powerline technology, adapters or extenders (a little box that plugs into your power socket and repeats the Wi-Fi signal to another part of the house) can solve the slow down Wi-Fi problem. It is not totally correct, sometimes these devices are unable to tackle and this would more disturbing. The solution of ‘USING POWERLINE OR WI-FI EXTENDERS’  is here.Using Powerline OR WiFi Extenders

Solution Of The Problem

You can go with the mesh Wi-Fi system if your home is extensive and your Wi-Fi can not reach everywhere.

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