Top 3 Extra Secure Browsers For Internet Security With Bonus

User information has become the most significant commodity globally. As a result, collection and tracking of data have become a digital outbreak over the years. Your browser can do a lot to your privacy. The best secure browsers can protect your private information and block advertisers from tracking your activities. Unless adequately secured, many browsers contain large amounts of private information that can be easily collected or even accessed by a third party. Mainstream browsers are some of the worst offenders of this. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best secure browsers that respect your privacy. All our suggestions avoid meaningful tracking and use built-in protection to fight invasive website tracking.

List Of Best Secure Browsers


Firefox browser

It is a fast and private open-source browser that was developed by Mozilla, a non-profit organization. It gives privacy protection features, a variety of customization choices, and regular updates with an active development team. The latest Firefox version is fast, very light, and has many customization options.

Firefox Secure Browser

It can use several browser extensions that enhance your privacy and security. It opens a source code that has been audited by a third party and installs software requiring no user interaction beyond normal browsing. It also has an active development team with frequent updates.

Tor browser

It is an advanced version of Firefox that is configured to run on the tor network. Tor is a system that makes the use of the internet more anonymous. When an internet user is connected to tor through the tor browser, his or her uninhibited internet traffic is diverted through a random series of nodes before reaching its destination. Each node has a recognizable IP address which is encrypted. The IP address which is visible to the final destination is that of the last node.Tor Browser

You cannot become completely anonymous online, but tor can help, since all your traffic arriving at a single destination will appear only to have come from the final node, thus securing all other nodes. Tor not only hides your history but also safeguards your location from the sites you visit. As a result, anonymity is increased.

Apple safari

This browser works best on the iPhone and iPad. It contains in-built privacy features that enable you to keep your browsing to yourself. It has a very fast browsing speed and works seamlessly with all devices. Safari uses a machine to note advertisers who trace your browsing history and gets rid of the cross-site tracking details they leave behind. It also blocks embedded content like share buttons and comment widgets from tracking you without your permission.Apple Safari Online Privacy

When you are online, the features of your device can be used to create a fingerprint. Safari prevents this by only sharing simple system details and making it difficult for you to be tracked and identified. It also protects you against malware sites such that if you are about to sign into a fraudulent website, safari prevents it from loading and warns you about it. Safari does not keep your browsing history as it is set not to remember the pages you visit and your search history.

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Other Extra Layers For Protection
  • VPN establishes secure encryption between your device and private server. It hides your traffic from being seen by other online users. Since some VPNs can see your traffic, it is advisable to choose a VPN from a company you trust. VPN can be set up through router such that any devices connected to the router won’t need individual configuration. Thus, you significantly strengthen your data privacy and protect your device from infection by internet-based malware. So, downloading a VPN online for browsing is one of the most important measures you can take.
  • Using a password manager to make all your passwords longer, random, and more secure since using the same password leaves you vulnerable to identity theft and privacy violation.
  • Enabling two-factor authentication adds a second check after your password when logging into accounts. So even if hackers get your password, they cannot automatically gain access to your crucial accounts.

Finally, the internet security can be maintained by encrypting devices and using robust biometric locks and passcodes.

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