Useful Torrent Downloading Sites With Safety Guidelines

Are you a torrent lover and very often you usually download your liking things from torrent sites? If you say yes in your mind, then you have to know some important thing related to this matter. I divided these things into two-part, the first part filled with names and features of the twelve most Useful Torrent Sites from where your downloads might be more risk-free/ zero risk, and the second part reveals some safety guidelines, what to do, and what not to do before start torrenting.

You may think this article is not a small one and that’s why, if you would think to avoid it, I must say you if you leave this you will lose lots. So read this till the end.

List Of Useful Torrent Sites For 2021 At A Glance:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. RARBG
  3. 1337.x
  4. YTS
  5. Torrentz2
  6. EZTV
  7. LimeTorrents
  8. TorLock
  9. KickAss Torrents (Mirror)
  10. Zooqle
  11. TorrentDownloads
  12. MagnetDL

[ PLEASE NOTE: Privacy, copyright violation, etc comes relatively to the ‘torrenting’.’ Some files which are shorted and then sheared in a characteristic way’, means torrenting, this can not be said unfair. But, naturally, the contents peoples download from huge numbers of torrent sites are copyrighted things. Downloading these types of content means illegal, but that also calculated based on country.]


The Pirate Bay

A popular name in the torrent site’s world, TPA (The Pirate Bay). If we start with the outer part of ‘ The Pirate Bay’ means its interface, is very simple and easy to use. With just quick searching you can get the content very easily which you want. When you need to find out important things such as magnet downloads, working links, files, etc.The Pirate Bay

Next, come to the eligibility of this useful torrent site… The Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site, there must be some interesting things in it which help it to make trendy itself. The first thing about it I say to you, it supports torrents from different categories like TV shows, movies, free software, audiobooks, music, and game.

In the year 2013, the Pirate Bay started its journey of offering premium pack for free to its users. This site is able to download files too fast, and it carries VIP/ trusted user shield. The Alexa ranked it 298 in the status of work /performance.

There is no reason to conflict; The Pirate Bay is a very useful torrent site for 2021, it is a renowned, experienced, and knowledgeable site. People of some country can not use The Pirate Bay which is a downside of this site, because of blockage.


The second torrent site on our list is RARBG, which is a very useful torrent site, got 819 ranks from Alexa on the basis of work/ performance. Different categories download users can do, such as games, software, movie, music, etc. There is a list of the top 10 RARBG torrent lists which provide a variety of ideas to people for downloading a torrent. It carries an individual web page to support trailers of different shows and movies.RARBG

If we come to the look of this site, this does not make you very happy, it is ok one. The thing you should know is advertisement tabs. At the time when you click on links advertisement would come there first. It may be a worry for the people of some countries, for example, UAE, Portugal, Australia, viz, Turkey, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Finland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Indonesia, Greece, and also India. The reason may be the piracy and copyright behind it.

It is also true that the people of the above-mentioned countries could acquire the RARBG through a VPN, in that case, ExpressVPN is great.

Different staff users can get from this useful torrent site, that is blog section, that offers news from the entertainment industry.  The RARBG was made in the year 2008, which means it is an experienced and useful torrent site. As per TorrentFreak, the RARBG on April 2020 is the 4th most visited website. The leading thing behind that is the main link and many domains’ availability.

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Another useful torrent site in 1337.x. Similarly as above first, coming to the interface of 1337.x, it is really stylish, clear, and accurate interface with stuffs, that helps users to explore things and navigate quickly.1337.x torrent

There is a huge torrent collection in 1337.x of different collections, for example, game, movie, premium software with activation (free), etc anything you can download. In it searching previous torrents is so easy.

It offers lots of links for the same content, just like The Pirate Bay, and also supports magnet links. On every hour 1337.x comes with new torrents, various types of categories are there totally hundred torrents lists can be found in this torrent site.

In 2007 the 1337.x was established, now it is the third most popular website according to Alexa, and in the work /performance segment, it got 819 ranks from Alexa. The bitter thing is, it is banned in some countries (UK, Ireland, Austria, and Australia), but the rest of the peoples of other countries can use this.


The YTS is a very useful torrent site, it got the second position in the most visited category. The YTS has no link with the original YIFY/ YTS, because of a lawsuit from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), this was shut down forever, and the renovated YTS established in 2015.yts best torrent download site

The YTS carrying a clear and easy to use interface. Into YTS, there is a search filter, shorting option and other filters to help users, total look of its interface seems smart enough. There is a place for users, they can give feedback and make content requests to the site’s operators, though that need users’ account.

This useful torrent site is famous for its great movie torrenting capability. Different types of movies new, old, classic can be very easily found here. This site is a bit helpful for Netflix users. People who like to watch movie naturally get attracted by the useful torrent site, YTS.

An important thing of YTS you must know, it has a connection to the anti-piracy scheme thus to the law firms, it can deliver users’ data. If you are thinking of it to be your torrent site, we suggest you, must use a powerful efficient VPN for it.


A usable torrenting site, Torrentz2 is able to work through different domains. It is a metasearch engine indexing files from renowned domains. Torrentz2 has a good, clear interface, there is a search option for the user. Users can get content without facing any kind of ads.torrentz2 trusted Torrents downloading sites

It is a very much useful torrent site, users can get movies, TV shows, games, and interestingly, booklovers, students can also use it to download ebook.


The EZTV is a lightweight useful torrent site. It has a clear interface thus users can use it easily. There is a simple table in it that filled with torrent links and other information. If users want they can make an account for themselves and can save their favorite torrents.EZTV Torrent Site

In 2005, May the EZTV was established in 2015, April the and the was gone under ‘EZCLOUD LIMITED.’  The EZTV bark some good torrent sites including KickAss torrents.

A huge number of people come to use it to download TV show; it is a trendy and useful torrent site for TV shows.


A multi torrent hosting site is LimeTorrents. This is easy to use, efficient, site, that offers peoples torrents in many genres, for example, movies, series, applications, anime, and games. One can choose it without any doubt as a useful torrent site for this year.LimeTorrents Download

A large number of people can use LimeTorrents with VPNs, but the users of Australia, France, and the UK can not use it, because this site has banned there. There is a different interesting feature if users want can create accounts that they can use for upload torrents, bookmark torrents, and exchange messages.

This site offers its users’ daily updated lists that include the best 100 viral torrents and also itself’s uploaded to torrents. There is the star badge supporting torrents that reveal they are verified, which is another good feature of this site. It is also famous for its high download speed.


The first thing that impresses one is there is no fraud torrent functioning, which provides a bit of extra assurance of safe and secure download torrent files. Anyhow if there is any fraud torrent in ToLock, you will get the report of this matter, for them, safety may be the first priority for their users.Torlock Best In Torrent Search

Of course, it is safe, but don’t forget it is a useful torrent site also, that’s why, music, TV shows, anime, ebooks, and movies can be downloaded from here very easily. It comes with a small database than some other torrent sites.

In some countries this site has banned like, Australia, the United Kingdom, and India, the rest of the peoples can use TorLock using a VPN.

 KickAss Torrents (Mirror)

6,5 The KickAss after facing some issues in the past, finally in the middle of 2016 that came as a mirror link site. Now it is a very popular and useful torrent site. The interface is easy and natural. There are no unwanted ads that can give irritation to the users of the site. The UI of the KickAss torrents is also user-friendly.Kickass torrents site

You can get torrent files, magnet links from this useful torrent site. At the top of the site, you can get three sections, torrent catalog, popular torrents, and most useful torrents. It offers a search option to the users, that they can find out the torrents that they want, quickly. It has lots of seeds and leeches, thus one user can easily download a torrent file.


The newer member of the BitTorrent ecological community, Zooqle. This year’s it is another useful torrent site. It offers a clear, user-friendly interface. The Zooqle supports usable sub-categories and must say you behind the Zooqle’s success the growing more and more torrents can be responsible. The information of torrents, listing of torrents are heterogeneous.zooqle Torrent Download

This site is most popular for movie and TV shows torrents, but one can get games, software, etc from here. We can name Zooqle just after, The Pirate Bay, because of the capacity of lots of content categories.


Another most useful torrenting site of this year that grown day by day with its efficiency is the TorrentDownloads. You can not avoid its clear UI system and the facility of the user account. You can get music, movies, software, etc to download, and there is also a feature of advanced search.torrentdownloadsme

In TorrentDownloads, you can get magnet links, torrents that are shorted depending on the most seeded, most leeched, and most active torrents. It has over 16 million torrents. The UK has banned the site.


The MagnetDL is a new name that takes place in the list of most useful torrent sites for 2021. Its name reveals its capacity, it is a good enough site for getting magnet links. This is also lightweight and its interface is not bad, there is old touch.magnetdl torrent download

On its colorful home page, users get torrent categories (at the top) and a search bar to search for anything users want from it. When users turn over the home page they see efficiently arranged clean torrents, which is supportive for reading and scrolling down the web page at a time. The thing you must need to know is, its loading capacity is quick and good.


A. Must Examine Torrent Safety

It is very necessary to examine the safety sides of a torrent site. One needs to do that before downloading that, thus any malware, ransomware not comes to your system. Finding out safe and useful torrent site is a bit hard but, possible. You need to always avoid the recent torrents site as they can be fake, and your system can get malware from these, so be careful. Go with those torent sites that have a larger leecher/ seeder ratio. Don’t take to tension, you can easily choose any of the above-mentioned useful torrent sites, these all are safe and useful torrent sites.

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B. Safely Download Torrent-

How? Just follow the following points and use these to do a safe download.

  1.  INSTALL GOOD ANTIVIRUS: The very important safety guideline before using any useful torrent site is, the utility of a good quality antivirus, and it is necessary.  There are some things like, Trojans which help hackers to hack your device’s data, photos, files, microphone, camera, contacts, etc. If you use a powerful antivirus then you can get rid of these all and can stay safe from hackers, ransomware, while torrenting. Some examples of good antiviruses for your Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android: Kaspersky Security Cloud, Norton 360, Bitdefender Total Security, etc.
  2. USE THE PROPER SEED TO DOWNLOAD: Always try to choose the popular one thing to download from torrent sites, and you do that only for your device’s safety. That is because the ‘seeders’, mean, the users, who have downloaded files totally on their devices and then they permitted others to take data from their computers, here are the tricks, most of the time without seeders a torrent assessed as avoidable, that can be a reason of malicious attack on your device.
  3. MUST USE A VPN: Before torrenting, you should think about another important safety suggestion, a VPN,  because a VPN is able to encrypt all outgoing and incoming internet traffic of your device, thus your ISP can not be tracked, and your activities will be stay saved. Not only VPN can block if anyone tries to hack your real IP address, but also a VPN offers P2P traffic to protects your IP address from hackers. If it does not do that, anyone can easily get the IP address of your’s through the websites you have visited. Always choose for a zero-log policy supportive VPN service and a great, efficient, and powerful VPN for offering safety for your device and yourself. ExpressVPN is a suggestion from us for you.
  4. WATCH THE COMMENTS: The fourth thing to think about before torrenting is carefully watching the comments of downloaders. Which thing you want to download, firstly go to the comment section of that and see what people saying about that, thus you can know also its reality. How much it will safe for you? Though there may be some fake or over-complicating. So It will be a bit tough to find out real, but for safety and to protect your device from any bad attack you have to do that.
  5. STAY AWAY FROM EXECUTABLE FILES:  Some files you need to avoid for your device’s safety here are they, .SCR,  .BAT, .APP, .EXE, etc, these files most of the time considered as high-risk files that can affect devices with the virus, malware, etc. If you required to download these types of files then you must scan these files with efficient antivirus software, and then proceed to download. By using a trick you can find out illegal/ fake installers, nothing big you will need to do for that, just check the downloaded size against the actual installer size. As a result, if the size comes the same then it will good, but if there notable differences between the two then this should be a hint for you that may be fake/ untrustable. There is a truth that hackers are clever, it is known to people would check the size before downloading. A solution to this issue is always to use updated antivirus, up-to-date anti-malware programs, updated applications, and up-to-date operating systems for the safety of your device.
  6. JOINT PRIVATE TORRENT COMMUNITIES(PTC): The prime thing of private torrent communities is the preserved quality torrents. Not only here its benefit stops but this is also helpful to reduce the chance of malware, hacking attacks that come via torrents. There is a condition, one can not join a private torrent community very easily, because they choose very selective members and most importantly well-funded also, but for safety, you have to try it. These communities are work under the one-in-one-out policy, that’s why private trackers stay in the community already and they would not like to make that bigger and lose their place. So many times they might cover the way or gave a guard from their own suspicion, to make new one avoiding to join the community. The trendy private torrenting communities are Zeronet, Demonoid, PassThePopcorn, and IPTorrents. If you want to get a chance into Private Torrent Communities, you need to assure you hang around on the torrent boards, for example, r/torrents on Reddit. Then you may get friends who help you get invitations in the closed-door torrent communities, after that, their rule is, you have to maintain the ratio of downloading and uploading (such as, 1:1). You would get a grace time to learn the tread and settle for to get a level. If you failed there, you can provide a donation to arrange the cost of servers, really lots of people not like to do this. Lastly, I must say, try to start by downloading smaller files which can make you famous, then others some would want to get your files, next you could upload the file for them and could get marked. You need to be active in it, thus you can download the latest, useful torrents so fast to make those likeful and seed them back with some extra achievements. Thus you can get success in the Private Torrent Communities.
  7. SANDBOX ROUTE: The last way of bringing safety is using the sandbox route. You can put downloaded files into a sandbox, a large number of people not believe in it but if you most of the time download .exe files (like a computer program) then you should download the files via sandbox surrounding. Coming to its efficiency, sandbox stand against malicious files thus malware, viruses can not affect your devices. It supports you by checking downloaded files are legal or not, and then it allows you to install the file into your main device, which ensures the safety of your device. As an example of a sandbox program that is popular for the support of secure web browsing, namely, ‘Sandboxie’.

C.  Hide IP-

Hiding IP is important for torrent users, any useful torrent site which you may choose for your system, very important to also use a VPN for that. A VPN helps you to hide your ISP, thus you can stay free from intrusive online tracking, privacy threats, malvertising, and data leakage. Though it is true, you are not 100% free from cybercriminals, issues can come frequently, but it is always good to war with Weapons than war with your own hand, I think you understand what I want to say. Along with the ExpressVPN, you can pick up NordVPN for your use, it is also a good one.Hide your Ip Address

To conclude I hope the above-mentioned information has given you valuable knowledge about safety, useful torrent sites, and more. I think from this knowledge you will get help in the future at any time you would want.

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