Know How To Track Your Lost Android Phone

It is not mandatory that everybody had lost their phones by anyhow in the past, and if not they will lose their phone in the future definitely because it is not fixed, that may occur or may not. One thing every smartphone user required to note and is the way of tracking lost Android devices.  If your phone has stolen or you lost your phone these ways will help you to track or find out your lost phone. Below best apps are mentioned only for you, and you must choose at least one among them.

Apps To Track Your Lost Android Phone


A systematized location tracking app especially for Android ‘FIND MY DEVICE BY GOOGLE’ is free of cost with in-app purchases or extra features. It shows outdoor and indoor maps for places such as malls, stadiums, large buildings, airports, and it protects your privacy by letting you erase the device contents.

‘Find My Device’ takes necessary actions to track or locate a lost device, like factory resetting the device for safeguarding your personal data. It has a feature for stolen or lost phone which allow to lock the phone, erase content. There is no group chat or group location tracking feature in ‘Find My Device by Google‘.

  • LIFE360

You can remark this app as an all-in-one local tracking application, because ‘Life360‘ can do some other work for you like it can call for an ambulance, send notifications to emergency contacts, etc.  Coming to the main requirement, this app allows you to create groups, add people in it, monitor their location on a private map, and let you see the location history of all group members.life360

If you lose a device you can track its location by logging in to its website, which is It also supports sending real-time alerts about other’s locations sing-in. Its free plan supports placing just 2 alerts and provides a 2-day location history.

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  • iSharing

The iSharing a feature-full app. It is capable of tracking the location of a lost phone, it allows you to create groups, communicate with group members, monitor their location in real-time, allow you to view the location history of group members and you can get notifications if a group member has left or reached an area.

It has no free version, only offers a trial version for 7 days. One thing makes iSharing different and that is, it’s an amazing feature, ‘Panic Alert’, this sends notifications to other members if you shake your phone.

  • TrackView

It permits you to locate and track the safety of your house and your device. The ‘TrackView‘ sends instant alerts or remote buzz to your lost device. It grants you send messages or sound alerts to the lost device.trackview

It has a video monitoring feature by its camera you are permitted to keep an eye on your device’s surroundings, not only that you can also have a two-way audio feature, and you can monitor your kid using it or not? There is no support for wiping data on the lost device.


MANUFACTURER PHONE FINDERSNormally, this is a free service, in which using some manufacturers ( like Apple, Samsung, HTC ) ‘find my phone’ (built into their OEM skins) features you can get your lost phone. Just you have to sing up for an account through the company which you can use to find your phone.

  • SAFE365

The ‘Safe365’ also includes two safety features in it, it tracks the location and supports safety features as well. It permits you to create and customize multiple safe zones, it allows you to locate a lost device, and send you a notification if a group member has entered or left the group.

Its location tracking app helps you to know the accurate location of your family or group members, the daily distance covered by them, their battery life, and also the type of internet connection on their devices. ‘Safe365‘ does not support for sending alerts on a lost device.

  • CERBERUS ( free / $5-$43 per year)

The ‘Cerberus‘ is a useful app, comes with a free trial. After the free trial, you can buy a single license for $5 /year and up to ten devices for $43 / year. If you will want to download ‘Cerberus’ then you have to do it from direct Cerberus, because this is not available in Google Play Store (because of Google’s draconian permission policies).cerberusapp

Let comes to its capabilities, ‘Cerberus’ can lock, and reset your phone if it lost. Also, it has a front-facing camera that features can take a picture of the theft, it has a sounding alarm and capacity of displaying messages on screen. If you want you can hide ‘Cerberus’ from the app drawer, thus people do not suspect that it is there. You can remote shell into your device, record audio from the mic, use it with WearOS.

I hope one or more apps will help you to track your lost or stolen android phone, please let us know your experience with us.

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