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Transfer Data On Android Devices
In recent time, this is quite amazing and thrilling subject, if you thinking to say goodbye to your old handset and planning to bring a new Android mobile in your hand. In this aspect, we think, after buying a new handset you will be worried about how you will move all the important data to your new Android device from your old phone. If it becomes true, we assured you don’t worry, here we told you the simple techniques about how you will move your’s old phone all data to your new Android mobile.

So, now you can buy an Android mobile easily, you don’t need to take any tension about the data transfer matter. To move your old phone’s media files, apps, app data, passwords, call logs, SMS, and contacts, must look at the following procedures.

How To Transfer Data One Android Device To Another Android DeviceData Migration apps

1.  Manufacturer-Specific Data Migration apps

There are so many standard methods available to move your data from your current mobile (including iPhone) to your Android mobile, but firstly we told you an all-in-one option which is limited to specific manufacturers and their phones. Some popular manufacturers present a dedicated app in their flagship series to move data from your current handset to an Android handset.

That allows a lot of essentials options/applications for the move, like as app data, device settings, contacts, media files, messages, and calendar entries. Some well-known manufacturer’s dedicated apps are revealed below:

In this process, you need to connect both the phones over Wi-Fi or you can use a USB OTG cable. Your phone’s manufacturer if does not cover above you can search it by online.

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2.  Transfer Settings & App Data

Android mobiles offer a built-in backup option to back up your settings bookmarks, Wi-Fi passwords and app data to your Google servers. To enable it, do the following process:

A. At first, open the phone Settings and next go to Backup & reset.

B. There toggle on Backup my data option and then select the Google account from the Backup account option.

After doing these, the data will be synced to Google servers and associated with the provided Google account. When you will log in to your new phone with using the associated Google account, you will be asked to restore data.

3. Moving Photos & Videos

Generally, users are preferring the manual way, where they moved photos and video to their PC (using USB cable) and then moved it to the new phone. But, you can also choose the other option which is an online programme, named Google Photos. This provides unlimited space for videos and photos.

To apply this method, download the Google Photos Android app and allow it to sync all your photos and videos to the cloud, Google Photos backups the camera folder by default, and you can also backup other folders by doing the below methods:

A. Click on the Google Photos Main menu at the top-left corner and select Device Folders.

B. Next, select the folders you want to sync.

Through installing the Google Photos app on your new phone you can easily download and view the content.

The alternative option of using PhotoSync is also available. In this option, no third-party servers are necessitated, by this method you can transfer data locally. This transfer your photos and videos over the local Wi-Fi.

A. You need to install PhotoSync on both the phones and on the old phone, go to its Settings.

B. Here click on Quick Transfer and select the new phone to start the transfer process.

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4. Moving Music

For music transfer, the manual method is moving them to a PC and then locate them to your new mobile, that’s not a bad way, but the other process of moving music is also placed here for you.

If you go with Google Play Music you can upload up to 50,000 personal tracks, all your songs uploaded to Google Play Music and when you install the Google Play Music, your all old mobile’s music will be available on the new mobile. For offline listening, simply download the songs.

The other way of moving files to your new phone is Send Anywhere option. This needs Wi-Fi direct to share any type of file between two phones over a local Wi-Fi connection. This is a good alternative to PhotoSync. The music files, photos, videos, and documents are easily transferable by this technique.

5. Transfer Contacts & Messages

By using a simple app you can move your messages and contacts to your new mobile. The app called Phone Copier, which allows you to share your phone’s SMS and contacts with another phone throughout Bluetooth.

A. Download the Phone Copier app on both phones and turn on Bluetooth connection.

B. Thereafter on your new phone tap on the Bluetooth icon and select Import.

C. After a disclaimer, it will search for nearby Bluetooth device and you can select the target phone to start the transfer process.

The app will be placed the messages and contacts in the right place, automatically after the transfer procedure.

6. Moving Browser Data

The top well-known browsers have cloud storage accounts for syncing all browser data. Your account if running with any one of these browsers you must get the advantages to sync all the data to your new phone, for examples, Opera and Firefox offer accounts to syncs data, and Chrome syncs all the data to your Google account.

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7. Replicating All The Data

A CLONEit app is another first-class option for moving data to your new mobile form the old handset, though it may not work sometime that depends on your phone manufacturer, almost all the time it works properly. This app is an ads-free app thus it does not disturb you at the time of using CLONEit app and it is a totally free app. This app is a skillful and more efficient, it is able to transfers call logs, SMS, MMS, apps, apps data, Wi-Fi network and passwords, bookmarks, all types of media files, contacts, and more data.

By using the CLONEit app you can transfer data from your old mobile to new mobile, for this firstly you required to install the CLONEit app on both handsets and then tap on Receiver on the new mobile and tap on Sender on the old mobile. Thereafter you will be asked to choose data that you want to transfer, and after the data selection, all the data will be transferred at a reliable speed of up to 20MB/s. Must assure that both phones will be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Finally Ready Move On! (Transfer Data Android)

The all-in-one app of your phone manufacturer or the CLONEit app is a simple and easy way to Transfer Data on Android, this is in our opinion, but if you think this process does not work for your handset, then you can go with others above-mentioned clear and effortless processes where data will be transferred separately.




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