Tricks For every Google User

Tricks For every Google User

Many Google users don’t know about many Google tricks. Here a list of top Google tricks:

  1. Phone Number Lookup: Enter a full phone number with area code and Google will display you the name and address associated with that phone number.

  2. Definitions: Type defines and then type the word you want to define.

  3. Find Weather and Movies: To display current weather conditions or movie theaters in your area type  “weather” or “movies” with zipcode or city and state.

  4. Local Search: Enter the area or keyword(the place you want to find) in Google Local.

  5. Translate: A full web page or text translate or search by using the Google Language Tools.

  6. Track Airline Flight and Packages: Enter the airline and flight number to display the status of an airline flight and it’s arrival time. If you enter a UPS, FedEx or USPS tracking number then Google can also give a direct link to package tracking information.

  7. Pages Linked to You: Type link: followed by your URL and you can see what other web pages are linking to your website or blog.

  8. Calculator: Type a math problem in the search and the Google Search engine will show you the answer like a  calculator.

  9. Find PDF Results Only: To display results that only match a certain file type you can add fileType: to your search. For Example, to display PDF results only type: “dell XPS” fileType:pdf .

  10. Stocks: Type the stock symbol in Google and get to a stock quote price, chart, and related links.

  11. Use Number Range in Search: Google supports number ranges, first type what you want to search and then type the number /year. For Example, “…….” 2002-2008. Between the (“) type that what you want to search and then the number (2002-2008).

  12. Group Your Search for an Exact Match: For an exact match, you can group your search query by using words, quotes.

  13. Use Wildcards in Searches: A wildcard is a symbol which used to replace or represent one or more characters. You can search a wildcard in Google to find the result. For Example, If you search for “fastest * in the world”, there are many results you can see like as, “fastest aircraft in the world,” “fastest cars in the world”.

  14. Remove Keywords from Search: Use a minus sign to get a search result. For Example, here a technique “….” – …., in the first quoted blank type that what you want to search and then type (-) and then in the second blanks type the related things which you do not want to see.

  15. Learn About Other Google Operators: To perform special search functions Google has dozens of operators. Here a list of these operators,    A. define the word – add “define” in front of any word it, gives you a definition of the word(Note, there must not be a space between “site:” and the domain).   B. allintitle: Add “allintitle:” in front of any text shows the search results that only contain that text in the title of the page(Note, there must not be a space between “allintitle:” and text).  C.  allinurl:   Add “allinurl:” in front of any text shows any search results that have that text in the URL(Note, there must not be a space between “allinurl:” and the text).

  16. Use More Advanced Searches : A.  Some more advanced searches,   intitle:index.of + mp3 -asp -html -htm -php -pls -txt. When they are entered into  Google then this search result looks for any index of MP3 files that are not in an ASP, HTML, PHP, or PLS web pages.   B. Some more advanced searches are,   intitle:index.of + mp3 “<artist name, track, or  group>” -asp -html -htm -php -pls -txt. In this you could replace “<artist name, track, or group>” with the artist’s name, track, group, or the name of the MP3 you are trying to find.       C. Some more advanced searches,  inurl:”ViewerFrame?Mode=”     Here in this, Google returns results of insecure live webcams and with some of the services even allow you to control the cameras over the Internet.

  17. View All Available Google Services: Google allows you to see all available Google services. If you want to list other Google services, search it on Google.



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