Creative And Unique Wall Clocks For Your Home

Our home is a very precious thing to us. Naturally, we all provide attention to every small thing related to our home, for example, that can be related to home appliances, furniture, home decorating kits, etc. We actually want to keep our home beautiful. Wall clocks are important and also if it is a unique one then it’s a decorative element for a home, a good looking wall clock makes a wall notably beautiful.

Here I came to inform you about ten really cool stylish Unique wall clocks thus you can decorate your home’s walls. Quickly know them, buy them, and decorate your home. Let’s start exploring they are below.

List Of Creative And Unique Wall Clocks


This is a wall clock where the clock’s shape is round and the whole face of the clock can not be watchable. Only an hour is visible to help you to see the time correctly.FreakishCLOCK Unique for your wall

It offers various color options you can choose as per your choice. You can buy it online from the or from other sources.

Natural Wooden Wall clock

This is an eco-friendly harvested maple wooden wall clock. You can use those clocks for also office use along with your home decoration. Buy the clock online from the Amazon or from other sources.Natural Wooden Wall clock

Melting ClockMelting Wall Clock

The name ‘Melting Clock’ was given for its different designs. The clock seems it is melting. Actually, it may be created on the basis of the concept of Salvador Dali’s famous painting ‘The Persistence of Memory’. You can buy this in the usual clock online from the Amazon or from other sources.

Little Big Time Wall ClockLittle Big Time Wall Clock

A different kind of very little size wall clock which you can use to decorate your home, easily. If you want to buy this wall clock for your home you can go online on Amazon or other sources.

Umbra, Stainless Steel Ribbon ClockUmbra, Stainless Steel Ribbon Clock

An innovative wall clock made with metal (stainless steel) ribbons to provide a unique feeling to its viewers every time. The Amazon or other sites can help you to buy this different looking wall clock online,  very easily.

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Electronic Word ClockElectronic Word Clock

It is an inventive stylish clock which is also an accent piece because the finishing of the clock is good enough. The size of the clock is a compact desktop looking in its surface some wors are situated, it lights up the word to inform you the correct time. You can buy this clock online from the Amazon or from other sources and keep this clock in both places office and home.

Retro Wall ClockRetro Wall Clock

This is a colorful handmade wall clock with a little retro design. It totally different looking clock, fully separate from the regular round clocks. You can buy the clock from or from other sources.

Fry PanFry Pan Wall Clock

An outstanding wall clock for the kitchen is, Fry Pan. The body of the clock looks similar to a pan and an egg looks fried in the middle of the pan. There is no doubt it increases your kitchen’s beauty. You can buy ‘Fry Pan’ wall clock online from the Amazon or from other sources.

Present Time Karlsson Moon Glass Wall ClockPresent Time Karlsson Moon Glass Wall Clock

You can thing the Moon has come to your home’s wall if you keep the wall clock. This glass wall clock printed the Moon-focus graphics. This clock measures 23.5 inches in diameter and its sweeping movements are very silent. If you want it you can buy it online from the Amazon or from other sources.

Whatever, I’m lateWhatever, I'm late Clock

This clock presents the basic message ‘Whatever, I’m late anyway’. If you really feel that you can buy it online from “WANELO” or from other sources.

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