Locked Out ? Here How To Unlock Your Android Phone

Android phone locked out and you are finding a way to unlock your android phone, the condition can create in any sudden situations for many reasons. If you are coming through this condition then you must know what irritating the situation it was. Your phone can get locked out for many reasons, without wasting time, see the reasons fast.

The reasons can be, someone tries to unlock your phone for many times and put the wrong password again and again or some near one changed the password without informing you or you have forgotten your own password. Here we stated the way of how you will get your Android phone unlocked quickly. The ways depend on the operating system’s version. Immediately know (if unknown leave) your Android handset’s OS and follow your required procedure among below-mentioned all procedures and solve the Android phone Unlock problem.

How To Unlock And Reset Android Phone

Unlock and reset android


Use Factory Reset

The Android Lollipop or its above version OS does not prefer an option to reset a password, effortlessly. This Android Lollipop or its above version is improved modernized version and due to the fact, these are more secure and elegant than other operating systems.

According to its security attribute, no one can get your device’s data and if your phone will be stolen then also you don’t need to take any tension about your mobile data security. The reason is, in the Android Lollipop or its above version OS, to remove the lock screen password everyone needs to factory reset the phone if they do not root the phone or phone manufacturer does not sent a solution, such as Samsung Find My Mobile, in Samsung Mobile.

PHONE LOCKED android lollipop

When one factory reset a phone commonly, all the data are deleted from the mobile, so there is no chance that data are reached into a wrong hand, but it also has the other side, by any chance if real owner of a phone forget the password then he/she will have to lose all mobile’s data for the factory reset program [Must Remember, SD card’s data will not be deleted in the program]. Who are regularly back up their important data (like as browser, photos, videos, apps, contacts, and calendar) with the Google back up and Google Photos (for photos and videos) they don’t need to take any pressure for any future’s situation.

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The Forget Password option is available on the Android 4.4 KitKat (or its below) OS. Through the Forgot Password option, Android 4.4 KitKat (or its below) OS users can easily reset the lock screen password by using their Google account.

Most probably, If you will do wrong attempts for five times continuously, then the phone will present the Forget Password option and to unlock the device (by removing old password) you only required to tap on the Forget Password option and then they will be asked you to provide your Google account’s password, you need to put the right password there. After these, your Android device will unlock.

To unlock the Android phone you will also get an option to use the backup security pin if you are using a pattern lock.


To accrue the factory reset your android phone usually need to connect with cellular data or WiFi to your Google account. You have to use your PC and by using the Android Device Manager’s web portal you can reset it.

On your PC, just go to the Android Device Manager website, there you will see the Erase option, click on the option and thereafter to start the factory reset process, confirm the dialog. After clicking the option you can not stop that easily, so before do it confirm everything is ready there. The erase command will come to the screen very quickly if your phone connected to the internet connection.

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Generally, Android phones get a recovery mode to presents commands from outside the OS, and the recovery mode’s factory reset option offers users to reset their phone without connecting it to the internet.

Though the procedure differs on different manufacturing company’s devices, basically users have to obey a specific way. The way is, press and hold a combination of keys to start up the phone and boot in recovery mode, such as the phones which have no Home button its users can use the combination of Power Button + Volume Up or “Down Buttons“, and on the other hand the Home button owned device named Samsung demand from users to press and hold Power Button + Home Button + Volume Up Button.

You can use only the physical buttons of a phone to navigate when you are in the recovery mode. To move up and down, use the ‘Up‘ and ‘Down‘ buttons. To execute a command use the ‘Home‘ or ‘Power‘ button. To do a factory reset on your phone select the ‘Wipe data‘ and after getting your confirmation the prompt the factory reset process will start.

You will be required to set up your phone by the Google account to again use it, after finishing the reset procedure, and when you will log in, your phone’s all backed up data will be restored automatically.


After the factory resetting procedure done, Android users will see a peculiar thing happening on their device. User’s phones are locked out, and even after knowing the right password they can not unlock their Android mobile. It happens when users enter the wrong Google account password. There shall be also the other reason behind it, that also happens when users change their Google password just before the resetting.

At the time when the above thing happens only one way left there that is, leaves the phone until the phone unlocks automatically because there is no way present to unlock your phone during the locking period.

If you genuinely look at this issue, you can see this is really a feature added by Google. By this feature, Google ensures that your Google account does not harm and the locked period offers enough time to users to recover their Google account thus they can save the data from wrong hands. The lock duration sometimes could be 24 hours or 72 hours that vary on the device manufacturers.

Those are the easy steps for unlocking or reset your android phone if you know more options to do the same thing please let us know in the comment section. To stay with us do SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE with your friends sharing reflects caring.

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