How To Voice Lock Or Unlock Your Android Phone

Did you know you can lock or unlock an Android phone with your voice? and it is so much easy. This can be possible using Google Assistant maybe this is already on your phone. Now time to know how you will do it? The procedures have some simple methods that are mentioned below. If your android phone isn’t google assistant installed you have to install it first.

How To Lock Or Unlock Android Phone With Your Voice

  • How To Get Google Assistant On Android

The android older version, means any phone with Android Lollipop (5.0) or higher can get the Google Assistant through an automatic update, and who have no built-in Google Assistant app, they need to download the Google Assistant app from Google Play Store.

If you see the Google Assistant is not working properly you can check some portions of it, and solve the problem. The first point is, the language which you have selected for your phone must need one of the languages supported by Google Assistant (supports English, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Portuguese [Brazil], French, Indonesian, Spanish, and  Japanese languages), and for choosing English make sure you choose the US or UK English.Lock Or Unlock Android Phone With Your Voice Using Google Assistant

After setting up the correct language set up if you will not get a perfect Google Assistant, we think your Google Play Services app is not up to date.

The newer Android phones basically Android 7.0 Nougat and newer users get the pre-installed Google Assistant app on their phone. In your phone, you must enable the feature and provide the required permissions. Just Open your Google App and tap the tree-bar Menu button, choose Settings > Google Assistant, and finally check everything.

  • How To Voice Unlock Your Android Phone Using Google Assistant

After setting up Google Assistant this is a very easy process, you only have to set up the below two steps.

Do the following steps for voice unlock

A. Enroll a trusted voice model with Google Assistant.

B. Entitle voice to unlock in Assistant’s settings.

Only trough opening Google Assistant and going to its setting you can do both above steps. For this, tap the blue Drawer icon in Google Assistant’s interface, select the three-dot Menu button and choose Settings, and next under the devices heading tap your phone.  Finally, enable both Access with Voice Match and Unlock With Voice match from there.

When you enabled the above settings it will prompt you to train a trusted voice model for unlocking your phone, thus Google Assistant confirms that it will only respond to your voice when the phone is locked.

The Google Assistant will kindle you to record a few phrases after enabling the voice unlocking and if you want to retrain the voice model for some reason you can get the option in the same settings menu and go to Voice model > Retrain voice model.

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  • How To Voice Lock Your Android Phone With Google Assistant

By using some setup you can lock your phone with Google Assistant very easily. Set up custom commands and command chains, dubbed Routines in the Google Assistant. So many apps available to lock your phone efficiently, you required to pair one of these apps with a custom Google command, so you must download one of these.

Voice Lock Apps are
  1. Screen Lock
  2. Screen Off and Lock
  3. Off+

The above-mentioned options are mostly similar, you can choose any option you like. After installing apps must grant them the necessary permission. When you open the app your phone’s screen will be switched off and the phone will be locked.

ADDING A SCREEN OFF COMMAND: You can go to Google Assitant’s Settings menu and select Routines, next add a new custom command with the Plus button, and lastly, you will be able to add a Screen Off Command. You can enter some following commands, under the header.


  1. Lock screen
  2. Go to sleep
  3. Lock my phone

Under the, ‘My Assistant should‘ header type in Open [App name], and include the name (whole name) of whichever screen lock app you installed, and save the command. Finally, at any time when you say any lock phrase, the Google Assistant will automatically lock your phone’s screen.

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