Uncommon Web Browser Download For Phone

Uncommon Web Browser Download

Almost everyone uses the Internet on their mobile phone and net surfing is like the easiest way to find any answers and queries to solve. Along with answers people come to know a very good thing like new ideas, new technologies, and many more things. So we all use mobile phone browser to surf internet. Here we tell some useful web browsers name that commonly not in use but it can be.

This browsers help to keep the privacy of your internet browsing and also support multiple languages. 

Here is the list of Uncommon Web Browser Download For Your Need

DOLPHIN BROWSER (Android & Ios )

Dolphin Web Browser Download

It is a lite and secure browser for Android and iPhone.You can search via voice it has the wide range of add-ons.

BOAT BROWSER (Android)Boat Web Browser Download

It’s also filled with advance feature & powerful customization option. It has also some premium features in the paid version.

ONE BROWSER  (Android)One Browser Web Browser Download

It is one of the fastest browsers in above-listed browsers which utilizes picture compression & optimization. It has also Download optimizer & smart view option for better page display.

Docler Browser  (Ios)docler Web Browser Download

Docler Browser has a desktop mode, full-screen view, online video support and also incognito browsing option for private browsing. This browser is available free in Apple App Store.

APOLLO BROWSER (Ios)Apollo Web Browser Download

If you use this free browser you will get free Facebook chat, ad blocker built-in and also get an advance download manager.


Sleipnir web browser support three most popular mobile os android, ios, windows.

This browser has FavTab feature that allows you to go to your select tab directly even if you open 50 different tabs.

CXM BROWSER (IOS)Cxm Web Browser Download

If you want multiple languages supported browsers, this browser can be your choice.It is also small in size compared to other browsers. This browser specially optimizes for iPhone 5.

It has some unique option to blacklist URL, Hide address bar, Push bookmarks etc.



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