What Is Cloud Computing – icloud

What Is Cloud Computing – icloud

Today almost everyone knows about cloud computing or cloud-based networking system, and a lot of us have a confusion of this system so today we will know what is Cloud Computing and what uses it.

The name “Cloud Computing” comes from flexible nature of the cloud, you can access this service flexibly at many different places through some specific network.

It is a service over the internet its simply deliver services of a server, storage, databases, wide networking, software, analytics and much more over the Internet or you can say in a cloud.

Many companies offer different types of plans for different types of cloud services, Still difficult to understand !!? Ok, let’s start uses of cloud computing it will surely help to understand this service.Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Uses

Most of us use cloud service without realizing, If you use to save your file on a google drive or other online drive or edit documents online, watch movie & TV online, Listen to Music, Play games. It is possible because of Cloud Computing.

Most Common Thing Can Do With The Cloud Computing:

  • You can Sync your data in the cloud.
  • Store your data in the cloud.
  • Backup & recover data.
  • Create new services.
  • Create new Apps.
  • Host Online Web Site.
  • Stream Audio & Video.
  • Share Data On cloud.

Types Of Cloud Computing

Its divided into three broad categories & those are called cloud computing Stack because they link and build top of one another.

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)

Now here we know details of those services.Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

This is most basic cloud computing service, it will allow you to get services like Cloud Storage, Cloud Network, OS from Cloud, Cloud Server, Virtual Machines (VMs)  — From a cloud service provider as a basis of rent like your cable TV subscription.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

This service for developers, Its on-demand environment for developing, testing, delivering & managing software applications. Its help developers to create web or mobile Apps, without worrying about setting up or managing the underlying infrastructure of Servers, Storage, Network and DB needed for development.

Software as a service (SaaS)

This service also targeted for software services. This service help to delivering software applications over the internet on a subscription basis. Using this you can host & manage the software application and underlying infrastructure and handle any maintenance or upgrade &security patching, The End-user can connect to the application over the Internet.

Deployments Types

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

There are three different way to deploy, End users can choose there type for there need.

Public Cloud

This types of cloud service provided by Third-Party cloud service provider. Its provide servers & storage over the internet all hardware software and other supporting infrastructure is managed and owned by the cloud service provider. You just pay rent and use & manage your account using a web browser.

Private cloud

This cloud system work on private network & infrastructure are maintained on a private network, Its refers to resources & used exclusively by a single busyness or organization.Its hardware can be located physically on their on-site data-center or can be used third-party rented service.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a combination of private and public cloud, It allows to share data and application between them. A hybrid cloud gives busyness greater flexibility and more deployment option.

Overview Of How Cloud Computing Work 

Different provider gives different user interface, some give all user-friendly browser-based dashboard, & Some gives REST APIs or command-line interface, giving developers multiple options.

Is Cloud Computing Service Is A Good Option?

Cloud service can cut your initial investment you can rent you need service no need to buy huge hardware for that.

No need for maintenance anything no need to upgrade its done by service provider it’s a huge thing.

No need to worry about losing data because your data is stored in the different location with RAID system.

You can stop using service without worrying because all infrastructure set in service provider’s location.

You need just need to Computer or device with hi-speed Internet connection.

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