What Is Data & Data Compression ?

Data / Data Compression

In simple word, data is a collection of information that stays in a special format to efficiently movement or process by the computer program. ROW data is the most basic digital format (binary) of data.

Computer software is divided into two basic categories, they are Data & Program. For processing data, programs are made. A program is collections of instructions for executing the collected data.

A text is written on electronic language, as bits and bytes in electronic memory called data or also on a person’s mind called data Since the 1900s. Data sounds like singular but data mean can be a single piece of information or more than one pieces of information (just like sand).

History Of Data

The father of information theory is an American Mathematician, He shows us the way to applying twovalue boolean logic to electronic circuits based on binary digital concepts.

CPUs, HDD, Semiconductor memories, and most of today’s peripheral devices are work on binary digital formats.

In the beginning time of the computer history, used a punch card for data transfer & now it replaced by magnetic tape, HDD, and SSD.

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Data Storage Process

In computer data represent everything, text, Video, Images, Audio. And all data is a combination of basic binary value (1,0). One byte is equal to 8 binary digits long (8bits). Data storage format in mainframe is ISAM and VSAM, other formats for storage, processing, and conversion includes commaseparated values.

Here I Give You A Data Storage Measurements Scale Chart

Data Compression

Data Compression

This processed can store your data in a less space that can not happen in regular format, you need more storage space on a regular format of data storage.

This option is useful in telecommunications filed because it enables the option to share data in fewer bits that increase the storage space and transfer speed. Data compression can do with varieties of options, but few of them standardized.

The common file compression formats are used is ZIP, RAR for users like us, and for data communication service like telecom, faxes, and broadband used CCITT.

Besides communication, Data Compression also used for backup utilities, DBMS, Graphics process, to compress it in a small usable size & format.



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