What Is HDR Photography – Explained

What Is HDR Photography

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Now smartphone cameras are improving a lot and come with advanced features. In an earlier time, this types of advanced features only found in a Digital Camera and DSLR Camera. You may not realize now smartphone camera has a lot of the advancement and it can be attributed to software for fine tuning the photograph. HDR is one of them, When we take photo with HDR option ON you actually take 3 to 5 photos at one time.

What is HDR Photography

HDR Explain:

When you take photos in dark or heavily light foreground or background the photos not comes up to the mark its look too dark some aria other hand too bright some aria, now its time to work in HDR what HDR do it will take 3-5 photos using different exposure and shutter speed, after that software combine them all, and adjust all area with perfect brightness and contrast using those photos and the result is good all around adjusted bright photo.

NOTE: Hold your hand 3-8 sec when you take HDR photos. Don’t ON HDR to take moving object’s photos, & in night time use Night or low light option.

Sample Photos Of HDRHDR Photography

HDR Photography







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