15 Top WiFi Hacking Apps For Android [2021]

To know the details of scrupulous hacking and clarity testing the most important helpful thing is to hack the WiFi network, in this segment the one matter I must include, trying to crack or hack WiFi security without authorization is a crime using apps.

If you want to hack the WiFi network for intelligence, clarity testing, or for ethical hacking purposes then you just follow the following points, where you will get 15 apps that are appropriate for this matter. You can choose any from below 15, I think that will help you.

The WiFi Hacking Apps Are Here

WiFi Kill

One of the greatest WiFi hacking app, WiFi Kill, is a very efficient app support an easy interface. Its other features are…greatest WiFi hacking app

A. It allows its users to remove unwanted users on the internet, for this, you can disable the internet connection of a device by this app.

B. This app shows the traffic used by a device, network name, and also grabs the traffic of websites visited by other devices.

C. The WiFi Kill apps require root access to work.

D. After scanning the network when you launch the app it shows different users are connected.

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WPS Connect

This a very well-known and popular WiFi hacking app for Android smartphones. Its capabilities are…WPS Connect Apps

A. It let you participate in surrounding WiFi networks.

B. According to the WPS Connect’s maker, this had made for varify your WiFi router, that is secure or not secure.

C. The ‘WPS Connect’ can support you to disable other user’s internet connection because this works on a rooted Android device.

D.This app works on Android 4.0 or higher.

E. It supports default PINs, easyboxPIN (Stefan Viehbock), and Computer PIN (Zhao Chesung).


Another Android WiFi hacking app for you on our list is the ‘Arpspoof‘. Its features are…wifi hacker app arpspoof 2

A. You can redirect traffic on your network through ARP replies.

B. There is no ready-to-install APK on the official GitHub page of the port.

C. You can build the APK on your own. If you want you can use the C-based binary which might be used on a terminal emulator.


With ‘Aircrack-ng’, protecting and testing network security can be a bit easier. More know about ‘Aircrack-ng’ from the following points…Aircrack-ng protecting and testing network security

A. Many security enthusiasts and Android developers have harbored ‘Aircrack-ng‘.

B. There may be some problem with the WiFi chipset which supports monitor mode, without this difficulty, one can run ‘Aircrack-ng’ on Android very easily.

Kali Linux NetHunter

The ethical hacking purposes’ best operating system is the ‘Kali Linux NetHunter’. This is also an important thing to say, the ‘Kali Linux NetHunter’ is the first open-source Android penetration testing platform. More know about ‘Kali Linux NetHunter’ from the following points…Kali-NetHunter

A. You have to launch Kali’s Wifite tool to hack the android app using the ‘Kali Linux NetHunter‘.

B. There will be the Nethunter’s configuration interface, where one will need to take care of the complex configuration files.

C. The custom kernel of it (802.11 wireless injections) support making the ‘Kali Linux NetHunter’ a popular, must-have, and effective tool for Android hacking propose.

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A well-known hacking app from Zimperium, that’s abilities are…hacking app from Zimperium

A. It provides a security manager to examine the risk levels in a network.

B. The WiFi scanner shows the access points with a default key green.

C. To protect you from target access of any server/ website, the ‘Zanti’ kill connections.

WiFi Inspect

Basically, ‘WiFi Inspect‘ is a Computer Security proposal tool, it’s not an actual WiFi hacking tool. It has made for security professionals, advanced users, and ethical hackers, if you are any one of them and require to control or monitoring networks then you can go with this tool. Its features and requirements are…WiFi Inspector

A. It is already mentioned that this is not an actual WiFi hacking tool, this is a WiFi network security audit tool.

B. Its UI is best among some similar tools named, WiFi kill and NetCut.

C. To use this app you will require root.

D. It has easy use design and supports various languages.

E. The ‘ WiFi Inspect’ can search numbers of people connected to the network and also their connected device name (laptop, Mobile, XBOX, TV, PC) and IP.

F. It also lets you know the MAC address and the Manufacturer of the connected devices and without any kind of warning, the ‘WiFi Inspect’ block them.


To test the WiFi network’s ethics and security, the ‘WIBR’ is used. The following points say about the WIBR’s capabilities…Wibr+

A. Through the ‘WIBR’ app you can get answers to questions like, ‘How to hack WiFi?’ etc.

B. It allows you to use custom dictionaries to crack the WiFi password.

C. Based on the password strength, the WIBR takes time to crack the password.

D. You are permitted by ‘WIBR’ to choose various options uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters for an attack, basing on your network and preference.

Netcut Pro FOR Android

The desktop-based WiFi hacking app Arcia’s Netcut app has now come for Android with a built-in Netcut Defender. Its capabilities are stated below…Netcut Pro FOR Android

A. The ‘Netcut Pro FOR Android’ allow detecting all network users on WiFi.

B. Stay connected with any WiFi, this tool can cut off the networks between two users.

C. This app needs root permission.

D. The ‘Netcut Pro FOR Android’ can works as good protection for your Android, if anyone tries to spoof you this tool can notify you.

E. It lists down phone types and keeps in mind the device to let you identify the user when it gets connected to the network again.

WiFi Warden

A different type of WiFi network hacking tool on our list the ‘WiFi Warden‘ works on minimal cellular data to scan the nearest free WiFi hotspots.  Its requirements and facilities are…WiFi Warden

A. The ‘WiFi Warden’ needs a rooted device that runs Android 9 or later.

B. It is capable to do normal WiFi analysis tasks, and test internet speed.

C. This can grab WPS Pins for routers and see anyone connected to your own network or not, and as per the result, it let you know about the other connected networks (if connected).

Fing – Network Tools

It is also a network analyzing tool, and similar to the ‘Zanti’ tool mentioned above in our list. Its capabilities are below in the following points…Fing - Network Tools

A. This needs root access to Android for work.

B. It has a simple, user-friendly interface.

C. The ‘Fing – Network Tools‘ is an efficient and fast tool also.

D. Mainly this tool used for Security Analyze, hacking, etc.

E. It can reveal connected devices of your WiFi network very quickly.

F. If it finds out any kind of doubt or disturbance, it can quickly block the striker.

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Shark for Root

Know  Shark for Root’s features from the below-mentioned points…Shark for Root

A. An Android port of the Wireshark open-source packet analyzer is ‘Shark for Root‘.

B. It basically made to analyze network traffic and also for communication protocol development.

C. This requires Wireshark on the computer for the open dump.

D. The ‘ Shark for Root’ is a tcpdump-based app that works on rooted Android phones.


Only in two-five hours, the ‘Reaver‘ can grab AP’s plain text WPA/WPA2, as per test on a variety of devices. Its other features are…Reaver

A. The ‘Reaver’ can be a very suitable tool for WiFi password hacking purposes.

B. This Android WiFi hacking app is also known as RfA, it is easy to use.

C. Reaver by itself detects WPS-enabled wireless routers, and all Reaver settings are available with its GUI.

D.  The external scripts are supported by ‘Reaver for Android’.

E. At the time of carrying ‘Reaver’ with monitor mode support, it can be activated or deactivated anytime.

F. Reaver launches a brute force attack against WPS register PINs and recovers the WPA/WPA2 passphrases.


To know ‘Nmap‘ follow the following points, this Wi-Fi hacking app is really very beneficial…Nmap

A. If you are worried about firewalls, services, packets, hosts and want to take a look into these all along with WiFi hacking, then the ‘WiFi Inspect’ will be a great thing for you.

B. This is an Android hacking app, usable for both rooted and non-rooted, devices.

C.  Not only on Android, but’ Nmap’ is also usable on some other platforms such as Linux, Windows, etc.

D. Nmap’s developers had sheared compiled binary versions of Nmap with OpenSSL support.

E. There is a limitation for non-rooted users, they cannot use some advanced features, like, SYN scan and OS fingerprinting.

And here is our last and most helpful hacking apps to hack your WiFI network…

WPA WPS Tester

The features of ‘WPA WPS Tester‘ is not much limited, know the features of it from below…WPA WPS Tester

A. The ‘WPA WPS Tester’ has made by its developer to help peoples scanning WiFi networks for susceptibility.

B. This app is able to break security, it is one of the most well-known WiFi password hacking tools.

C. For running the ‘WPA WPS Tester’ requires Android 4.0 and up.

D. The ‘WPA WPS Tester’ tests the connection to access points with WPS PIN. That calculated through various algorithms, such as Blink, Zhao, Arris, Asus, etc.

I hope those WiFi hacking apps are done your job, to help others share the post and to stay with us please do SUBSCRIBE our newsletters.

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