Windows Resmon Explanation

Windows Resmon Explanation 

Every windows user faced problems like slow down, hang/freeze or any program not working, It’s not good for the users so they have to find out whats wrong going on and why on their computer. So for this check CPU use, RAM use, HDD/SSD use or any program behaving badly. This will tell you why your computer works like that and it will give you an idea what to do for resolving this issue. And Windows Resource Monitor (Resmon) will help you to check your computer in depth.

How to open Resmon

Windows Resource Monitor in short Resmon found in Windows Vista & later version of windows. You can open this with RUN (to open WIN+R) type resmon.exe and hit enter, or just search resmon.exe in Windows Search bar.

Usages Of Resmon

The main usage of this application is to get real-time resource information about your Software & Hardware on your computer.

It will show your computer’s CPU, Memory, Disk performance & Software handles & file Modules working.

Windows Resmon

Windows Resmon

Windows Resource Monitor Tabs

Resmon has different tabs for different work here is the lists of those Tabs with working details.

Overview Tab

This tab gives you a quick look at CPU usage, Memory usage, Disk Performance, & Network Activity.

If you want to see details report click on the gray bar.


This tab will show your CPU’s process list whats running on your computer, how many active threads are using in the background and what % CPU resources used for this.


This Tab will show how much Memory using in the background & show list of process running on memory.


This Tab will show you in the real-time list of process, read & write speed and activities & how much Bytes take per second for each activity for executing.


This tab will show how much data come on your computer and how much going from your computer.

Its show a list of processes utilizing & how much Bytes using per second in each activity for executing.

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