Xiaomi Mi TV 4 4K Wants To Make Mainstream

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3 Responses

  1. geel says:

    There is one brand which was out of the list till now. And now its a competitor of all the major brands.Ridaex is the one, no clue how they are gaining such a big market. The are fully fledged across the market in India Bestgadgetry : Best Ultra HD (UHD) 4K LED Televisions in India under Rs 50,000 (2018)
    visit :www.ridaextv.com

  2. Arul says:

    Hi.. I had ordered Ridaex Nuke 43 inches TV on 8-Jun-2018 and it got delivered on 23-Jun-2018 then installed on 25-Jun-2018 but the TV size is 38.5 inches not 43 inches. Video and Audio quality is worst. Video is not even FHD but they are claiming as 4K. I’ve been following Ridaex support through phone, WhatsApp and mail for more than 2 weeks but no one responding. Please don’t go for this brand, its utter waste all good reviews about this brand are fake. It is not even worth for a single star.