YouTube Tricks And Tips

YouTube Tricks & Tips

YouTube is the largest & popular video site on the Internet. We can play various types of videos on YouTube Like Tech Help, Comedy, tutorials, Songs, Live Feed, Vlogs etc.

If you spend multiple hours on YouTube then this YouTube tricks article is for you.

So let’s see 5 YouTube tricks that make your YouTube experience more enjoyable. 

NUMBER ONE YouTube Tricks

Slow-Motion video watching in YouTubeYouTube Tricks

Sometimes we need to play video in slow motion for capturing more detailed things in the video. YouTube has an option to play videos in slow motion for that you need to click YouTube has to use HTML5 Player for videos. After clicking the link you will find the option for speed adjustment.

NUMBER TWO YouTube Tricks

Disable AutoPlay Option

If every time you have to turn off autoplay on YouTube than it is a pain but no need to do that more if you know this trick.

Use YouTube Control Center only for Mozilla Firefox. It is an Add-On that stops autoplay for Google Chrome uses this Stop Autoplay extension.YouTube Tricks

Keep this option unchecked to run this option.


Full Buffer Video Option

When you paused the video of a YouTube then the full video will be buffer in 30 seconds only.

If you want to finish some other work and in the meantime, you want the full video will buffer and you watch the video without buffering then you have to install one Add-on for Mozilla Firefox, And one Extension for Google Chrome.

YouTube Tricks


This tool can help you to buffer the video fully. After installing when you open the YouTube video you can see an additional button -Click on Global Preferences-tick the Smart Buffer box.YouTube Tricks

NUMBER FOUR YouTube Tricks

Download Subtitle

The author can add subtitles to the video to help their viewers who are not familiar with the played video languages. Subtitle will help you to understand the video in a better way, but if you download the video subtitles then the video will not come.

YouTube Tricks

Here is a website call KeepSub you can use this website to download subtitle embedded in the video.

Copy the video URL and paste in KeepSub website, it can also translate subtitles using Google Translator.

NUMBER FIVE YouTube Tricks

Disable Annotation On Video

Annotation display user defines extra information & Links related to the video. Sometimes it is quite annoying to users But you can disable this by change some settings.YouTube Tricks

To disable annotation go to YouTube Settings then Playback option and unchecked Annotations and Interactivity option.

YouTube Tricks

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