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Every single YouTube channel’s owner can upload their own videos to their own YouTube channel/account efficiently with YouTube uploader. That’s are very easy. In the case of teamwork, these normal forms of channels or accounts can not provide the service where the owner of a channel can not empower the task of uploading a video to another member of the team. If you have a single YouTube account and you work on a team then any other team member can upload videos to your account. For this, you have to know some information about this matter and require to do some simple steps.

The All Essential Things Of This Particular Action (YouTube Uploader) Are Stated Below Just See All Points Very Fearfully

youtube video uploader

  • YouTube Video Uploader For Teamwork

A simple file upload form called YouTube Uploader, that allows anyone to upload videos to your YouTube channel. By any mechanism, such as a mobile phone or desktop, your team member or another person can upload videos to your account.

The simple online method YouTube Uploader let peoples upload videos of any size to your YouTube channel. The other member/ people who want to upload videos to your channel does not require a Google account. Largely, YouTube takes 1-2 minutes to process the video after uploading, and then on that channel, the video will go live.

  • How To Make Own?

There are many collaborative YouTube channels that have various contributors. If you are one of them you can create your own private YouTube Uploader form which allows the contributors to upload their work on your YouTube channel.

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You Have To Do Three Simple Steps To Make Your Own

  1. Firstly, Click on the following scrips to make a copy of the YouTube uploader script in your Google Drive. This required a condition, an active YouTube channel needed associating with the Google Account where you are copying the script. You create a new Google account to test the YouTube uploader script and for that account create a channel. (script)
  2. After that, go to the Publish menu inside the Google Script editor choose to Deploy as Web App and click Update.
  3. In the last step, it will be presented with an authorization screen while the script needs permission to upload videos to your YouTube channel, this requires permission to send email notifications at what time a new video is uploaded. Next, click on the Allow button.

When you do all steps, this will present a video upload URL that you can share with your team members, easy and quickly. Your team’s any member or members when clicks the URL,  there a simple web form opens, the form wants some information, like as, description, the video category, video title, the privacy mode (private/ public /unlisted), etc. The member can fill the form. Directly, to send the video to your YouTube channel, select a video file from the desktop and click Upload.

  • Must-Know Some Information About YouTube Uploader

  1. While deploying the web app, under the “Execute the App as” section choose “Me,” and under the “Who has access to the app” section choose “Anyone, even anonymous.”
  2. To disable the uploaded, you just go to the script editor, Choose Resources from there, select Deploy as a web app and click the “Disable web app button.
  3. If you want you can keep the script URL secret by sharing that only with your known people or them to whom you want to share that, thus they can upload videos to your YouTube channel.


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