ZTE Iceberg Conceptualised With Dual-Notch Design

ZTE Iceberg Conceptualised With Dual-Notch Design

Time change trend change, now the big mobile manufacturer is focused on making one notch on their new smartphones to get a pleasing appearance as the iPhone X has, ZTE one of those.

ZTE is offering Iceberg Conceptualised with two notch design. One notch is placed on the top and another on the bottom. This dual-notch design sporting smartphone has an edge-to-edge display alongside the two notches that have a room for speakers. From some information, it is expected that the smartphone will sport a selfie camera sensor, ambient light sensor, and earpiece.

It is heard that the smartphone combines two pieces of glass in a unibody structure that resembles an ice fragment and the four corners of the smartphone are transparent. The smartphone’s two notches will feature front-firing speakers and the ZTE Iceberg has a fingerprint sensor at the back glass. The glass presence on the back also enables wireless charging.

ZTE Iceberg Conceptualised

ZTE Iceberg

A description added, “It also features a new type of notch screen so that both sides of the screen can realize the interactive function of the system, which is convenient and quick“.

A pogo pin connector, which could be used to connect accessories like as new modules or an external loudspeaker, is placed at the back of the ZTE Iceberg and it sounds like similar as Motorola mods from Moto Z Series.

The iF World Design Guide site certainly make the ZTE Iceberg an anticipated piece of hardware, known from available information.  The smartphone takes 13-24 months to fully design it.

Now it was not clear that when ZTE will launch the phone. Expected that it will reach in Asia, Europe, and North America on next year.

Main Highlights:

  • Glass panels on both back and front.
  • It has been two notches Conceptualised.
  • The development time 13 – 24 months.



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